Good Dutch rare fish news

This video is called Brook Lamprey Spawning April 2011.

Translated from the Dutch water management organisation De Dommel, about saving fish before dredging the river Dommel at the Klotputten sand catchment spot:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

As a precaution, the water, in addition to the exemption rules, was thoroughly inspected for the presence of brook lampreys. During these checks a hundred brook lampreys were captured. These lampreys were transferred a few kilometers south of the Klotputten to a suitable habitat. This capture shows that the brook lamprey population in this part of the Dommel is much larger than we previously thought. During this activity also a large number of individuals of the protected spined loach, some gudgeons and some perches were captured.

Ecological development

Lately, we see a tremendous positive environmental development in the upper Dommel river. For example, last year the very rare green gomphid dragonfly and the common club-tail dragonfly were found. These species, like the brook lamprey, depend on clean water and good morphological processes.

This is a video of brook lampreys sharing a spawning ground with river lampreys, a larger related species. As far as is known, the first ever observation of this in the Netherlands.

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