Rare brook lamprey in London

This video is about brook lampreys spawning.

From Wildlife Extra:

Surprise as lampreys discovered in London River

01/02/2011 10:06:41

Elusive brook lamprey spotted by workers

The seldom-seen, eel-like brook lamprey have been spotted by British Waterways‘ works team on the River Lee Navigation in North London.

While draining a lock as part of their winter maintenance programme, the construction team came across the small fish – a rare spot on the London waterways.

Brook lamprey are filter feeders which live on organic matter and grow to about 14 cm in length. Unlike many similar eel-like creatures which migrate to spawn, brook lamprey make their home and reproduce in the same location – most often in the soft banks of rivers or streams.

Keen to know of other unusual sightings

The unprecedented sighting of this shy creature is good news for British Waterways who manage the linear wetlands formed by London’s canals and rivers. British Waterways’ ecologist, Leela O’Dea said: ‘A large part of our work is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the unique ecosystem that can be found in and around London’s waterways. Understanding which animals and plants are living on our canals and rivers is a very important part of this.

‘Every year we carry out a national wildlife survey where members of the public record their sightings on the waterways. An unusual spot such as this is essential in helping to build up an accurate picture. As we work towards becoming a new waterways charity in 2012 the involvement of local people in activity like this becomes increasingly valuable.’

British Waterways is keen to hear about any other unusual sightings of flora or fauna on London’s canals and rivers. People can get in touch at www.waterscape.com.

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June 2011: London’s gardens – which make up nearly a quarter of Greater London – are changing from green to grey, according to a new study. Garden greenspace in the capital’s gardens has been lost at a rate of two-and-a-half Hyde Parks per year driven by recent trends in garden design. While hard surfacing – including decking and paving – increased by more than 25 per cent in the 100 month study period: here.

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