Nazi thugs in Scotland

This video from England is about EDL Nazi salutes in Newcastle.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Nazi thugs harass Star sellers

Sunday 29 January 2012

by John Millington, Campaigns Reporter

Morning Star sellers and supporters were “abused and spat at” by nazi-saluting thugs in Glasgow on Saturday.

Eyewitnesses said eight men rounded on the stall in Buchanan Street in the centre of the city with one filming the encounter while the others attempted to intimidate the sellers.

Communist Party of Britain Scottish secretary Tam Morrison said he tried to talk to some of the group but was ignored by the shaven-headed thugs.

“They were swearing, calling us child murderers and Islam lovers, doing nazi salutes in front of the stall,” he said.

“I was talking to a couple of them but the others were just wound up, spitting at the stall and at the comrades.

“They stayed for 15 minutes and then another four came.”

Mr Morrison, one of four people on the stall selling the paper, said one of the group was wearing a “white power” badge and he thought they were members or supporters of the far-right Scottish Defence League (SDL),

the appendix in Scotland of the English Defence League (EDL), involved with mass murderer Breivik

but this could not be confirmed.

This is not the first time a progressive stall has been targeted by fascists in the area.

Last month the Palestine Solidarity Campaign suffered a similar attack.

But an unintimidated Mr Morrison said: “We just faced them down – we weren’t moving.

“We are calling on the labour movement to show solidarity and to help reclaim our streets from the fascists.”

In this well-written and provocative book Gavin Bowd sets out to show how “Scotland provided its own cohort of idealists, fanatics and traitors for extreme racist, nationalist and authoritarian politics”: here.

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