Nazi Unionist violence in Scotland

This video from Scotland is called Nazi-saluting thugs mar No-vote victory celebrations in Glasgow.

By Malcolm Burns in Scotland:

Scotland‘s Yes and No camps hit out at loyalist nazi thugs in Glasgow’s George Square

Monday 22nd september 2014

Activists on both Yes and No sides of the Scottish referendum campaign have slammed the “clearly orchestrated” violence by nazi-saluting loyalist thugs in Glasgow’s George Square on Friday night.

The Union Jack-waving crowd invaded the city’s main square early in the evening and launched attacks against Yes campaigners, including a Glasgow city councillor.

Eleven arrests have been made over the weekend following the shameful scenes and Police Scotland has pledged to track down other perpetrators.

Communist Party of Britain Scottish secretary Tommy Morrison told the Morning Star the violence was “clearly orchestrated by fascist groups” such as the Scottish and English Defence Leagues.

“We know they had members over from Ireland and up from England. They were in George Square in numbers which they just can’t pull together from Scotland.

“They attacked Yes campaigners who were peaceful.

“There has been some ridiculous stuff on social media saying these thugs are the true face of the No campaign — as if two million Scots are allying themselves with the fascists.”

Glasgow councillor Austin Sheridan was subjected to a vicious homophobic attack by a number of the loyalist thugs as he left the city chambers on Friday evening.

Mr Sheridan, SNP councillor for the city’s Baillieston ward, said: “I am shocked and sad — shocked in the sense that they were so aggressive and sad that there are people out there who are so divisive.

“I know fine well the majority of people who voted No will want to distance themselves from this behaviour.”

Conservative attempts to use the No victory to shut Scots out of the British government are a scandal: here.

The life and work of Tony Benn are to be celebrated at a concert in Glasgow, trade unionists revealed yesterday: here.

5 thoughts on “Nazi Unionist violence in Scotland

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  3. Labour’s new Scottish brand

    Scotland might not be an independent nation, but it can be a “brand” — that was the message in the Labour exhibition hall.

    A large temporary “business lounge” announced in Irn-Bru orange lettering that this is “Brand Scotland.”

    The Labour Party has teamed up with the Scottish Council for Development and Industry, a business lobby group representing employers like BP and Lloyds, to set up what they call Brand Scotland — “an exciting new forum for debate on Scotland’s future launched just 48 hours after the No result of the historic independence referendum.”

    Labour’s Scots MPs like Ian Murray (Edinburgh) and Anne Begg (Aberdeen) are leading Brand Scotland events, which are described as “the go-to meeting place for business and politicians.”

    Labour almost lost Scotland because it was seen as too Establishment, too pro-business and its first response is to treat Scotland like a business brand

    Labour’s enthusiasm for Brand Scotland is matched by an enthusiasm to insult the working-class Scots who voted Yes in the referendum.

    Shadow Scotland minister Margaret Curran told conference she would go on a sort of penance after the referendum, visiting Yes voters in private to ask what Labour did wrong.

    But in the same speech she said Scots voters need to abandon the “politics of grievance.”

    When I was a union branch secretary I thought my job was to represent members’ grievances. But Labour’s Scottish leadership think their job is to tell voters to stop moaning.

    Still, she’s not as bad as John McTernan, who ran Labour’s 2007 Holyrood election. This month he described Scotland as a “mendicant nation” — that is, a nation of beggars.

    Unsurprisingly, Labour lost the 2007 election under his leadership.


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