English nazi boss on trial for violence

This video from England is called EDL Nazi Salutes in Manchester.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

EDL leader ‘headbutted one of his own members’

Thursday 29 September 2011

The leader of the far-right English Defence League went on trial today accused of assaulting one of his own group members.

Preston magistrates’ court was told that Stephen Lennon launched a verbal attack on EDL member Alan McKee before head-butting him.

The founder of the racist group “goaded” a crowd of followers during a rally by 2,000 supporters in Blackburn on April 2, magistrates heard.

He launched a tirade against Mr McKee, who was accused of putting messages on the internet about police informers and “grasses,” and called him a “degenerate mug” before trouble broke out among EDL members in the crowd.

Mr McKee, who was drunk at the time, was arrested and taken away.

The court heard he did not want to make a formal complaint and will not give evidence in court.

Mr Lennon was arrested on June 15 and denies common assault.

The trial continues.

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