United States police violence against Occupy Oakland

This video from the USA is called Marine vet wounded, tear gas & flash-bang grenades thrown in downtown Oakland at Occupy Oakland.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Hundreds arrested in Oakland protest

Sunday 29 January 2012

Dozen of riot police surrounded Oakland’s City Hall today after making about 300 arrests in the city in a bid to suppress the popular Occupy movement.

Over 2,000 social justice activists had assembled outside the hall on Saturday morning and marched peacefully through the streets – disrupting traffic as they headed to the vacant Henry Kaiser Convention Centre.

When some started tearing down perimeter fencing to turn the building into a protest centre, police fired smoke and tear gas at the crowd.

Some protesters pelted them with bottles and flares. Hundreds were hauled into custody.

Later some protesters managed to get into City Hall, where some burned flags and allegedly damaged a recycled art exhibit.

Police again fired tear gas, smoke grenades and bean bags at protesters.

The protests in the city were the most militant since Oakland police broke up an Occupy camp in November.

Hundreds of police clad in riot gear and wielding a variety of weapons attacked a procession of protestors in Oakland, California, on Saturday. It was the largest altercation between police and protestors in Oakland since the October 25 confrontation that left several wounded, including Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen: here.

Occupying Hawaii: Paradise Lost and Found. Michelle Fawcett, Truthout: “Ever since the Garden of Eden headlined the Torah, savvy marketers have realized that we all deeply desire a slice of paradise…. The natural splendor of Hawaii draws about seven million tourists a year as well as thousands of transplants, many wealthy, who relocate to the Pacific island chain for the relentlessly balmy weather. At the same time, the tropical Shangri-La barely conceals teeming tent cities, droves of poverty-wage workers and the legacy of the conquest of native Hawaiians”: here.

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