Anti-fascist trade unionist gets applause

This video from Britain is called Anders Breivik not 1st terrorist linked to EDL.

By Tony Patey in Brighton, England:

Applause for rep who faced down fascists

Friday 25 May 2012

A trade union and anti-fascist activist who was targeted by the far-right got an ovation the PCS conference today.

PCS rep Phil Dickens … faced physical abuse on a picket line and then a personal attack on a social network from the fascist North West Infidels over the May 10 strike.

He got unanimous support from the 1,000 delegates at the Brighton Centre today, who condemned the “disgusting” attacks.

Mr Dickens told the Morning Star that he had been on a picket outside the HMRC offices in Bootle, which drew about 25 workers at its height.

After going home, he rushed back when he saw a Facebook post mentioning the pickets.

“There were about about six of them, one with a Rottweiler, and they started shouting off about the usual things. Everyone drew together in a block.”

Mr Dickens’s partner refused to move away from in front of him, which he said confused the fascists. He asked the Star not to print her name.

“There was shouting back and forth and the police arrived, and one of them was arrested. He was held for two hours and then released.”

He said that as “revenge” for that an abusive post was put up on Facebook. He reckons he was targeted because he is a well-known activist in the area.

“There have been idle threats but they have never materialised. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of them but we will keep campaigning,” he vowed.

It took complaints and quite a while before Facebook pulled the abuse.

Delegates cheered and clapped and Mr Dickens said it was “absolutely brilliant” to get such support from his colleagues.

Wendy Turner (East Midlands) called the rise of the far-right “a plague across this country” that must be strongly opposed and underlined that Mr Dickens and his family were “at extreme risk” at the time.

4 thoughts on “Anti-fascist trade unionist gets applause

  1. Hull to discuss EDL threat

    Wednesday 30 May 2012

    Trade unionists will hold an emergency meeting in Hull on Thursday to discuss the threat of the far-right EDL following an attack on a Morning Star stall at the weekend, writes John Millington.

    The trades union council is expected to call for a show of strength by union members and anti-fascists in the city over the jubilee weekend to tell the fascists they have no place in the city.

    EDL thugs had been active in recent weeks handing out leaflets with some locals accusing them of being threatening and abusive.

    But events escalated at the weekend when 25 EDL members launched an unprovoked attack on the weekly Morning Star stall in the city.

    Police intervened as outnumbered activists stood their ground refusing to be intimidated by the assault.

    A spokesman for the East Yorkshire and Humberside Communist Party branch who did not want to be named said: “It is very clear the EDL, National Front and fascist intimidation of Communist Party, trade unionists and Morning Star activism can’t go unchallenged.

    “At a time of increased fascist confidence, a mass movement to defeat the far-right is more necessary than ever.”


  2. The Fight against Racism & Fascism is NOT a Crime!

    Support the Tinley Park Five! Build Solidarity!

    Pack the Courtroom, June 12!

    On May 19 – one day before 15,000 anti-NATO protesters took to the streets of downtown Chicago – 18 anti-racist activists allegedly disrupted an “economic summit” held by members of the Illinois European Heritage Association (IEHA) at a restaurant in Tinley Park, a Chicago suburb.

    The IEHA, along with Stormfront, the “Nationalist Socialist Movement” and other KKK types belonging to the “Pioneer Little Europe (PLE) movement,” seeks “to establish mutually supportive white supremacist enclaves throughout the United States,” according to the Anti-Defamation League website. According to the ADL, Stormfront has a worldwide forum in various languages with “over 6 million posts, 490,000 discussion threads, and 170,000 members.”

    While the Department of Homeland Security, the Chicago police and other federal, state and local agencies were working overtime to wiretap, arrest and spy on anti-NATO activists, they allowed neo-fascists who openly promote the extermination of people of color and Jewish people to meet publicly in a restaurant.
    Five of the anti-racists from Indiana were arrested on May 19. They have become known as the Tinley Park Five. Jason W. Sutherland, Cody L. Sutherland, Dylan J. Sutherland, Alex R. Stuck and John S. Tucker are currently imprisoned in Cook County Jail in Chicago. The Five, who are white, are facing major felony charges, including “mob action, criminal damage to property and aggravated battery.” The bond is $175,000 each for three of the defendants, $200,000 for another and $250,000 for the other. Another 13 others allegedly involved in the incident are being sought by the police.

    The Five are scheduled to have a 9 a.m. hearing on Tuesday, June12, at the Bridgeview Courthouse, 10220 S. 76th Ave., Bridgeview, Ill. Conscious anti-racist, anti-fascist activists are urged to pack the courtroom to show their solidarity. Hoosiers Anti-Racist Movement/”Indiana Antifa Support” wants to send a strong message to the movement that one of the main goals of packing the courtroom is to allow family members to have a crowd to blend into, since there is a possibility of retaliation from white supremacists, including death threats simply for attending the hearing. HARM requests that supporters not disrupt the courtroom proceedings, for similar reasons.

    The media has attempted to violence-bait and demonize the Five in order to divert attention away from the real terrorists – the IEHA and other white supremacist terrorists who hide behind the First Amendment to openly call for racist genocide. One of the IEHA members had been arrested on May 19 for illegally possessing a firearm in his car near the restaurant. His bond was only $25,000!

    The International Action Center is urging all progressives to stand in solidarity with the Five on June 12 by attending the court hearing in Bridgeview or calling a solidarity action in your area for the Five on that day. Let’s not allow the media, the police and the government to politically isolate the Five. Such isolation only serves to weaken our movement and the struggle for social justice.

    No matter how one views whether and when to use militant tactics, the Tinley Park Five had the political right to carry out a preemptive strike to help expose the real danger that divide-and-conquer, fascistic extremist groups pose to the movement and the masses here and worldwide.

    For more information on the Tinley Park Five case, go to


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