17 thoughts on “English nazis attack trade union march

  1. EDL targets Chelmsford

    FAR-RIGHT: A few dozen English Defence League members gave Chelmsford locals an unwelcome dose of race hate on Saturday when they staged a chanting session in the city centre.

    Police quickly moved in on the handful of fascists, arresting three men on suspicion of racially aggravated public order offences.

    The trio, from Rochester, Dagenham and Yateley in Hampshire were bailed yesterday and told to return to an Essex police station on September 9.


  2. Liverpool has been having a lot of this lately. A year or so ago a bunch of young activists accidentally timed their march to coincide with a Nazi march and got chased around the city.

  3. BNP ex-candidate jailed for 6 years

    Tuesday 24 July 2012

    A former BNP candidate has been jailed for six years for sparking a siege of one of London’s busiest high streets.

    Michael Green, 48, of Archer Road in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, admitted false imprisonment, making a bomb hoax and criminal damage when he walked into an office on Tottenham Court Rd in April.

    Mr Green, who stood for the white supremacist party in Stevenage in 2010, threw office equipment out of the window onto the street and threatened to blow up the building.


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