Breivik not insane, psychologists say

This video from Britain is about the extreme Right EDL and Anders Breivik.

From CTV in Canada:

Wednesday Jan. 4, 2012

Experts dispute Norway mass killer Breivik’s insanity

OSLO, Norway — Three psychologists and a psychiatrist say confessed mass killer Anders Behring Breivik is not psychotic, contradicting a court-appointed mental evaluation that declared him legally insane.

Norway’s TV2 channel reported Wednesday the experts believe Breivik is fit for prison and doesn’t belong in psychiatric care. They were appointed by the prison after Breivik was declared insane to find out what possible care he may need in pretrial detention.

The conclusion contrasts with the Nov. 29 finding that said Breivik was insane during the July 22 bomb-and-shooting rampage that killed 77 people.

Prosecutor Svein Holden told TV2 the new information will be sent to the Oslo District Court this week.

It is unclear how the court will react.

21 thoughts on “Breivik not insane, psychologists say

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  8. This is an Alice in Wonderland moment. The act ABB committed trumps any psychological test. The ruling says more about the experts than their test results.
    Found this quoted in “Gender on Planet Earth” by sociologist Ann Oakley
    A study involving 464 senior psychiatrists presented with an identical case history, which differed only in the name and sex of the patient, found wide differences in the diagnoses offered. Hearing voices and exhibiting bizarre behaviour were not enough to get a patient psychiatric treatment – unless they had the right name. The psychiatrists were divided into four groups and asked to diagnose a 24-year-old patient being held at a police station after allegedly assaulting a ticket collector.
    The article was originally published in UK Independent 2000


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