French racists support murderer Breivik

This video is called In Loving Memory Of Utøya Island Camp Massacre Victims – May They Rest In Peace.

By Anthony Torres:

French political establishment tries to bury the Oslo neo-fascist massacre

3 September 2011

The political establishment in France is trying to hide the significance of the massacre of 77 people in Oslo by neo-fascist Anders Breivik, in order to conceal the great dangers posed by the promotion of right-wing conceptions and parties by the French and European ruling elite as a whole.

That is what emerges from the political blank stare with which the official media has responded to the comments of Jean-Marie Le Pen, honorary president of the National Front (FN), the French neo-fascist party. The latter, a filthy figure in French politics for decades, has legitimized the fascist ideology that motivated Breivik, evoking, to explain the Oslo slaughter, the naïveté of the Norwegian government confronted with the “danger” of “massive immigration.”

The political establishment has to a large extent kept silent on these comments. Mild criticism, directed against Marine Le Pen, the current FN leader, emanates from second rank politicians—such as Minister for Budgetary Affairs Valerie Pécresse and the former Socialist Party (PS) presidential candidate in 2007, Ségolène Royal.

Le Monde cites these comments: “Questioned on RMC radio, Ségolène Royal [currently seeking the PS nomination for the 2012 presidential election] claims that ‘by saying nothing she [Marine Le Pen] is in agreement’. Mrs. Royal judged the lack of any reaction from the president of the FN ‘very strange and shocking’. On the political right, several UMP politicians [the ruling Union for a Popular Movement Party] also denounced ‘the deathly silence’ of FN president Marine Le Pen, according to the government’s spokeswomen Valérie Pécresse. She concluded by saying that ‘nothing has changed at the FN.’”

The comments by Royal and Pécresse are thoroughly dishonest and aimed at lulling the population to sleep. Given that the FN is an extreme right-wing party espousing essentially the same ideas as Breivik, there is nothing at all surprising in the reactionary comments of Jean-Marie Le Pen. Royal and Pécresse imply that the FN could become a respectable party and that Le Pen’s comments might be limited to a minority voice within it.

There is no evidence to support such a conclusion. Marine Le Pen defended her party, denouncing the attempts to “politically exploit” the Oslo tragedy.

A second Le Monde article pointed to the conflicts within the National Front. Some FN activists have openly hailed Breivik as a “resistance fighter” and “a visionary confronting the rise of Islam in Europe.” They were suspended from FN membership, but not expelled. That changed nothing in the FN’s general political sympathy for Breivik’s ideas.

France’s big business parties have adopted more and more right-wing policies in recent years, and the timid criticisms of the political establishment directed at the silence of Marine Le Pen will not change the trajectory of French and European politics. The political establishment has in fact cultivated neo-fascist forces as a barrier and weapon against the radicalization of the working class.

Anders Breivik: police hunt British Nazis who may have been “accomplices”: here.

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson says people need to understand that Anders Behring Breivik is not alone in his feelings: here.

TUC affiliates expressed maximum solidarity with journalists who came under attack by the English Defence League (EDL) on September 3: here.

Terrorist defendant Anders Behring Breivik, who has confessed to carrying out the July 22 attacks on Norway, has claimed he has met many like-minded right-wing extremists but won’t reveal their identities: here.

Anders Behring Breivik Massacre Victims Named [LIST & PHOTOS]: here.

As the world continues to reel from the shockwaves sent by the recent violence in Norway, we need also to grapple with the reactions that immediately followed and what they mean. An online analysis of Twitter posts carried out by R-Shief, a lab that provides real-time analysis of opinion about late-breaking issues, gives credence to what observers have been condemning as an appalling day for Western media—and which laid bare a proliferating Islamophobia: here.

Breivikism in the British Daily Mail: here.

USA: Pam Geller Linked Anti-Muslim Activist Calls For Mass Murder Of Congressmen, Muslims, Liberals And Journalists (Updated): here.

Norway’s governing Labour Party won its best local election result in more than two decades and the xenophobic Progress Party plummeted in support two months after terrorist attacks by Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people: here.

10 thoughts on “French racists support murderer Breivik

  1. vr 09 sep 2011, 15:57

    Noorse politie pakt weer extremist met wapens

    TONSBERG – De Noorse politie heeft voor de tweede keer in twee weken een rechts-extremist opgepakt met wapens en springstof. Dat meldde een woordvoerder van het politiedistrict Vestfold. Dit keer gaat het om een 27-jarige man in de gemeente Larvik, honderd kilometer ten zuidwesten van Oslo.

    Agenten vonden in zijn huis meerdere wapens, waaronder een gemodificeerd machinegeweer, en stoffen voor het maken van een bom. Meer details wil de zegsman niet geven, maar de twintiger is volgens Noorse journalisten eerder veroordeeld voor wapenbezit en zou zich erg negatief uitlaten over immigranten en moslims, onder meer op internetsites.

    Eind augustus hield de Noorse politie in Oslo een 33-jarige rechtsextremist aan, nadat in zijn woning wapens, springstof en politie-uniformen waren gevonden.,buitenland


  2. Grieving nation goes to the polls

    NORWAY: Norwegians voted in local elections today, less than two months after a neonazi killed 77 people in two terrorist attacks targeting the governing centre-left Labour Party.

    Anders Behring Breivik, who is remanded in custody, said at a July 25 court hearing that he sought to inflict the “greatest possible loss” to Labour for granting asylum to refugees and promoting multiculturalism.

    Support for the party surged after the attacks but recent polls indicate a tight race between Labour and the neoliberal Conservatives.


  3. Legacy of fascism still poisons French politics

    I read with interest your story on the 1961 mass killing of Algerian protesters by French police (Socialist Worker, 8 October).

    A crucial part of the story of France in the 20th century is that sections of the French ruling class and middle ranking officials have enjoyed the taste of fascism.

    Under the Vichy government and the occupation of France by the Nazis, many French officials and members of government eagerly collaborated with the fascists.

    They took part in breaking up working class organisations, organising production for the benefit of the occupiers and shipping hundreds of thousands of young men off to forced labour camps.

    They helped in organising the “Milice”—the French fascist militia. They drew up lists of Jews—including, as it happens, my father’s uncles and aunt—and aided in their dispossession and deportation to Auschwitz.

    The Algerian war of independence gave fascist veterans from the Second World War an opportunity to pick up where they left off in 1945, persecuting and torturing Algerians, aiding General de Gaulle’s coup and then turning on him when he didn’t deliver what they were looking for.

    The story of the right wing and of imperialism in France is also in part a story of French fascism.

    Its origins lie in monarchist-nationalist-Catholic agitation at the time of the Dreyfus case at the end of the 19th century and its legacy can be found in Le Pen’s fascist National Front party today.

    Michael Rosen, North London


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