Dutch play on Norwegian racist terrorist Breivik

This 21 July 2016 Dutch video, about a new theatre play on racist extreme right Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, shows a clip of Dutch TV news of 22 July 2011 on Breivik’s terrrorist attacks, about which at that moment the TV did not know yet they were by Breivik.

The name of the play is Dorst; Thirst.

The play is on 30 and 31 August 2016 in Zutphen in the Netherlands. Young director Jelle van der Meulen wrote it, as his final work at theatre school.

Dutch NOS TV writes about it today (translated):

The presentation shows how Breivik is evolving towards his actions for years and how he prepares the attacks in seclusion. …

In the attacks in the summer of 2011 77 people were murdered. The fascination which Van der Meulen felt for this outrage was mainly fueled by the killed youths on Utøya being of his age. Added to that, he felt politically allied with the youth wing of the Norwegian Labour Party, which had a summer camp on the island at that time. …

“And then I also have a connection with Norway because we always used to go on holiday there,” said Van der Meulen. “Norway was heaven on earth and then especially there something so bad happens.”

Van der Meulen intensively studied the person Breivik three years after the attacks. …

Van der Meulen wants to show in the play that Breivik was not acting impulsively, but that he evolved gradually towards his actions. “He was not someone who suddenly grabbed a weapon and started shooting at random, as ‘militia’ men do in American schools. That makes it so horrible, because with people like Breivik you do not notice what they intend to do.”

11 thoughts on “Dutch play on Norwegian racist terrorist Breivik

  1. Actually, he is incorrect. Most times with internal terrorists it is a gradual development much like Brevik. And with careful study, even with the shooters, the idea takes root far before the action. Like a seed blooming into a tree of end result tragedy.

    And I am not sure I like his play getting so much attention, I sort of think extremists need to disappear into obscurity unless the point in highlighting them is profoundly important.


    • The point of the play is to highlight how there can be gradual evolution towards violent acts without people noticing. Breivik started buying explosives years before the massacre. While many of the eg, school shootings in the USA are with guns bought recently, or so far only used for hunting, etc.

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      • That’s actually not true, there are many many people in the United States who commit acts of internal terrorism that never even make it to the news and they are not guns that are bought recently, in fact people who have a history of gun ownership. Southern Poverty Law and a few hate watch organizations around the US, regularly report on the many incidents that happen which feature race as a focus. The Anti defamation league periodically covers some of the incidents as well.

        But in relation to the school and theater shootings in the US, even those individuals were not all first time gun owners and quite of few of them were found in investigations to harbor artillery to create a bigger event.

        I also got the “point” of the play. I just don’t think it’s a big enough “point” to warrant writing about. Out of respect for the many victims.

        Just my perspective…


        • Hi, the playwright, as the blog post says, wrote this because he was the same age and same political views as the victims of Breivik, and because he had been to Norway often.

          And to help people understand how this happened, helping to prevent future similar massacres.

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