20 thoughts on “Catholic order in paedophilia trouble

  1. So the Pope is now ready to “possibly” dismantle the Legion because of immorality, oppression of its members and empire building aided by vows of Loyalty to secure assurance of secrecy? Imagine that? So when will this Pope start dismantling the Catholic church for the same reasons??


  2. Hi Barbara, thanks for commenting. It would not be fair, I think, to equate the Roman Catholic church as a whole with its seamy extreme Right wing like the Legionaries of Christ, Opus Dei, shoah denying Bishop Williamson, Mel Gibson, etc. Nevertheless, also outside these groups and individuals, there have been and are scandals, some of them recorded at this blog. And some of those not handled correctly by the present pope or his predecessor.


  3. Wow, I didn’t think there was anything that Pope Ratso found distasteful. He has a long history of protecting sexual predators in The Church. I’m genuinely surprised that he is threatening to do anything against these people.


  4. Hi Jon, good to see you back at this blog; and still blogging at your own blog (though not that frequently now). I agree that Pope Benedict has a history of covering up other sexual abuse priests’ scandals. Now, the Vatican, correctly, attacks the Legionaries’ “Fourth Vow”. However, as far as I know, that vow has existed for decades, ever since that order was founded. And all that time (again, as far as I know) the Vatican said nothing about it. I think that the Independent author is somewhat too lenient on the present pope here.


  5. Hello again Kitty, I follow you on my blog feed and I promise I see everything you post. I thought this was interesting enough that I reposted it to my Facebook page. I have several friends who are working class Catholics. I have a great deal of respect for The Church’s positions on social justice and it’s that part of The Church that my friends are loyal to. I find it very difficult and upsetting to reconcile the church’s deep corruption with my respect and admiration for my friends and for Catholics like Thomas Merton, Ernesto Cardenal, Dorothy Day and Francis of Assisi.


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  8. Sect on trial for forced work

    FRANCE: Two Opus Dei followers went on trial in Paris today, accused of forcing a disciple to work for more than a decade without pay.

    Catherine Tessier was 14 when she joined the Donson hotel school, where the religious sacraments were led by the conservative Catholic group.

    She described working seven days a week and having to hand her pay to her superiors.



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