London Catholic school sex abuse scandal

This video from the USA says about itself:

David Price was molested for 4 years in high school by a priest who was the principal at his Catholic school. David is one of 500 people who just won $660 million in the Los Angeles archdiocese settlement case. This interview is the first time he has talked publicly about his story.

From daily The Morning Star in England:

More child abuse allegations against Catholic school

Thursday 19 August 2010

by Lizzie Cocker

A prestigious Roman Catholic school already facing an inquiry into its child protection policies has been rocked by renewed child abuse investigations, it has emerged.

Police are investigating allegations against staff made by two former pupils at St Benedict’s School in west London.

One of the two arrested was 68-year-old former headmaster Father David Pearce. He is currently serving five years in prison after admitting 10 indecent assaults and one sexual assault on five boys between 1972 and 2007.

The monk retired in 1993 but continued to live in the adjacent abbey, enabling him to abuse one further victim despite being on restricted duties because he had lost a civil case brought by another victim.

A 71-year-old man is also on bail and an 80-year-old man is being investigated but has not been arrested.

The pupils came forward after reading an article about Father Pearce in the Times newspaper.

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests president Barbara Blaine commended them for going to the police.

“It’s tempting, but dangerous, for victims to contact church officials, and much better to contact secular officials,” she said.

“It’s hard for any abuse victim to speak up, but especially hard for those victimised in a Catholic school setting, in which many fear their confidentiality might be compromised.”

Liberal Democrat Peer Lord Carlile QC, the government’s adviser on counter-terrorism law, will head a child abuse inquiry at the school.

It will scrutinise an independent schools inspectorate report that noted six sets of allegations against former staff at St Benedict’s. The report criticised continued shortcomings in school policy, including monks being allowed to remain living in the abbey while facing allegations.

On Monday, 14 November 2011 I happened to open the Evening Standard and saw a short item that was tucked away in the inner pages so that few people will have noticed it. It begins with the surprising affirmation: “Revolution is in the air at top Catholic independent school St Benedict’s, Ealing”: here.

New American pro-gay Catholic group formed: here.

Bigots Are Hiding the Truth — Early Christians Condoned Gay Marriage: here.

15 thoughts on “London Catholic school sex abuse scandal

  1. Abuse claims at top Catholic school

    (AFP) – 1 day ago

    LONDON — Police said Wednesday they were investigating allegations of child abuse made by two former pupils at one of Britain’s most prestigious Roman Catholic schools.

    London’s Metropolitan Police said two men in their forties had made allegations against teachers and staff at St Benedict’s School in Ealing, west London, which is attached to a Benedictine monastery.

    Chris Patten, the former governor of Hong Kong who is the government’s co-ordinator for the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Britain next month, is a former pupil of the school.

    One of the men made allegations against an 80-year-old man, who is being investigated but has not been arrested.

    Police said two men, aged 68 and 71, had been arrested in connection with allegations made by the second former pupil. They have been released on police bail while the investigation continues.

    The two former pupils contacted police in June 2010 following articles in The Times newspaper relating to other abuse cases.

    One of the men named in the new allegations is Father David Pearce, a 68-year-old monk and former teacher, who is serving a five-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to abusing eight pupils between 1972 and 2008, The Times reported on Wednesday.

    The Roman Catholic Church has been rocked by allegations of child abuse by priests which have spread across Europe from Ireland to the United States and South America.


  2. Girls face unwanted sexual contact

    Sexual Bullying: Almost a third of young women say they have been subjected to unwanted sexual contact at school, with many more facing harassment such as name-calling on a regular basis.

    The End Violence Against Women Coalition, which commissioned the poll, is calling on ministers to address violence against girls in schools.


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