Stop racist police violence in the USA

This 12 June 2020 video says about itself:

Color of Change President Rashad Robinson on ‘Cops’ Being Cancelled | NowThis

In US news and current events today, the long-running Cops TV series was cancelled in light of the police killing of George Floyd and subsequent George Floyd protests and Black Lives Matter protests.

Cops, Live PD and other copaganda have helped fuel the poisonous mentality that has led many to unquestioningly believe the police and ignore the systemic police racism, police brutality, and police violence within the institution. Rashad Robinson, Color of Change president, offers his perspective on the media’s relationship with police. With the Cops TV show cancelled, Live PD cancelled, and society rethinking how it thinks about police, it’s clear that change needs to occur across the board, not just inside police departments.

BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTESTS ARE WORKING. HERE’S PROOF.  Last week, former President Barack Obama compared the protests to those in the late 1960s civil rights era, calling this moment a “sea change.” And so far, the Black Lives Matter protests — which built off work by activists since 2013, in the streets, in halls of government and educating the public — have spurred some significant changes. From cities redirecting funding from police departments to Confederate monuments coming down in droves, here are some of the changes that we’ve seen in just 16 days since protests began. [HuffPost]

It’s time to defund the police, and start funding social workers.

LOUISVILLE BANS NO-KNOCK WARRANTS Lawmakers banned the Louisville Metro Police Department from using no-knock search warrants amid growing outcry over the death of Breonna Taylor, a Black woman fatally shot in her own home by officers earlier this year. The measure, known as Breonna’s Law, bans the use of so-called no-knock warrants that allowed police officers to enter a residence without warning or without identifying themselves. None of the officers involved in Taylor’s death have been charged. Their report, released Thursday, lists her injuries as “none.”[HuffPost]

Lady Antebellum changes name after realizing connection to slavery.

These are the actions Jewish groups are taking against police violence.

TRUMP DEFENDS RACIST PHRASE BY CITING ‘VOTE WHITE’ MAYOR Trump attempted to defend his use of the incendiary phrase “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” last month as a threat to protesters. But in his defense, he cited former Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo, an ex-cop who once urged his city to “vote white.” Harris Faulkner of Fox News explained to Trump that the phrase about looting and shooting comes from former Miami Police Chief Walter Headley, who used it as a threat against civil rights protesters in the 1960s. But Trump insisted he heard it elsewhere, citing the “very tough” ex-mayor of Philadelphia, who died in 1991. [HuffPost]

BIDEN MOCKED IN TRUMP CAMPAIGN FOR KNEELING IN CHURCH A campaign ad for Trump took a giant step beyond criticizing protest kneeling to mocking Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden for kneeling in a church. The attack is the latest sign that Trump may be losing his way in his battle against kneeling. Last week his press secretary Kayleigh McEnany declared that Trump was “very much against kneeling in general.” The blanket condemnation of kneeling triggered a wave of criticism from those who kneel during religious services, at memorials or to pray at gravesites. [HuffPost]

TENNESSEE LAWMAKERS VOTE TO KEEP KKK LEADER’S BUST IN CAPITOL Protesters rallied outside of the Tennessee state Capitol Wednesday after lawmakers voted to keep a bust of a Confederate general and Ku Klux Klan leader on full display, following arguments that removing it would erase history and could be offensive to some. A House committee voted 11 to 5 to continue displaying the bronze bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest, which has survived public protests and demands for its removal since it was erected in 1978. [HuffPost]

In Jewish tradition, racism is a sin.

Auschwitz survivor voices support for Chicago protesters.

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