Over 11,500 anti-racist demonstrators in Amsterdam

Today, there was a big demonstration against the police murder of George Floyd in the USA and other racism in the Nelson Mandelapark in Amsterdam.

According to local authorities, over 11,500 people came to this peaceful rally. People distanced spatially against COVID-19.

Tomy Holten died in Zwolle, the Netherlands like George Floyd.

17 thoughts on “Over 11,500 anti-racist demonstrators in Amsterdam

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    • I agree totally. White people pretending to be black is not right. The white people do not understand the struggles of the black person. I take this deeply to heart. I think actors and actresses in hollywood should be banned. I grew up poor with only my mother. She worked 12 hours days , 6 days a week. She was a waitress at a local resteraunt. She raised me and my brother and sister. She was often too tired to play with us. I get very angry when i see a rich wealthy actress from hollywood playing an actress in a movie. She is playing something she doesn’t know the struggle of. To me an actress playing a waitress is blackface. If you pretend to be something you are not, then you are evil. Here in USA I will protest the blackface of the actors pretending like they are people they are not. Thank you.


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