COVID-19 disaster news from Britain

This 28 April 2020 video from the Stop the War Coalition in Britain says about itself:

Coronavirus & War: The Case for a Global Ceasefire

Join Phyllis Bennis, Claudia Webbe MP, French National Assembly member Danièle Obono and more to talk about how the Coronavirus crisis is re-shaping foreign policy priorities and restructuring the global order.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain, 6 May 2020:

Abbott criticises Johnson’s ‘utterly brazen’ PPE claim

DIANE ABBOTT slammed Boris Johnson for the “utterly brazen” claim yesterday that the government’s inability to source and supply personal protective equipment (PPE) has been “enraging” for him.

The former shadow home secretary pointed out that shortages of PPE during the coronavirus crisis are “entirely” Mr Johnson and his government’s responsibility.

Mr Johnson made the comment when he faced Sir Keir Starmer in Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) for the first time since the latter became Labour leader earlier this month. Mr Johnson had been off sick for three weeks after contracting the coronavirus.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain, 6 May 2020:

Frightened key workers forced to work under threat of the sack

FRIGHTENED workers are being forced back to work under threat of the sack putting vulnerable relatives at risk, Unison warned today.

The union said it had reports of council, school and NHS workers being told to return to work or be sacked or forced onto unpaid leave.

It reported “heart-breaking” stories of staff forced to make impossible choices.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain, 6 May 2020:

Five Guys ‘putting profit before people’s lives’ after opening restaurants

The fast-food chain accused of causing chaotic scenes in Sheffield

FAST-FOOD chain Five Guys was accused of “putting profit before people’s lives” after it reopened dozens of restaurants to sell takeaways, leading to chaotic scenes in Sheffield as social distancing broke down.

Customers at the burger firm’s restaurant in the South Yorkshire city said it was impossible for the queuing crowds to stay two metres apart or even to get to the doors safely.

Panicked staff abandoned their posts, while some customers gave up and went home – even though they had paid for their meals in advance. Others got inside the restaurant and served themselves.

By Ceren Sagir in Britain, 6 May 2020:

MPs must seek evidence from former Amazon vice-president, union demands

Tim Bray quit the company after it fired workers for protesting against the lack of coronavirus safety

MPs must seek evidence from former Amazon vice-president Tim Bray, who resigned after the company sacked US workers protesting at a lack of Covid-19 safety measures, GMB said today.

The union called on the employment and select committee to look into Mr Bray’s allegations.

He announced his resignation in a blog on Monday, saying: “Remaining an Amazon VP would have meant, in effect, signing off on actions I despised.”

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