No coronavirus safety for Dutch construction workers

This 28 March 2020 video from Canada says about itself:

Construction workers speak out about unsafe conditions during COVID-19 crisis

As construction sites in Ontario remain open during the COVID-19 crisis, construction workers say worksites are increasingly unsanitary and unsafe.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

The Dutch trade union federation FNV wants the governmental SZW Inspectorate to better check construction sites for compliance with anti-coronavirus measures. According to the union, many construction workers are now unable to comply with the protocol for safe construction work situations, which has been established in consultation with the construction and engineering sector and the government.

The FNV bases itself on a survey among more than 1000 construction employees. 36 percent of them cannot adhere to the rule of keeping a meter and a half away. No appropriate measures were taken, according to 19 percent of the respondents. “Keeping a meter and a half away and washing hands is not going well”, says FNV executive member Peter Roos. “Too many people say that there are too few facilities available, eg, to be able to wash hands properly.”

12 thoughts on “No coronavirus safety for Dutch construction workers

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