Boris Johnson on intensive care, parody song

This 9 April 2020 parody music video from Britain says about itself:

The Iain Duncan Smiths – Nonsense, Mr. Johnson

Taken from the album The Prime Minister is Not Dead.


Nonsense, Mr Johnson, you’re still able to work
I won’t stand idly by and watch you shirk
I see you’re still just about breathing
So get back out there and give televised briefings

Nonsense, Mr Johnson, you are sitting up in bed
That makes you fit for work on account of not being dead
You must do more, they say you’re stable
Oh, I’d sanction you half to death if I was able
Mr Johnson

Coronavirus, it can play hideous tricks on the chest
But still you ought to be beaverish, not lying there feverish
Every day, every day, every day

Usually I feel more fulfilled
Finding unpaid placements for the terminally ill
They have to work just before they die
It helps boost those employment stats to new highs

Nonsense, Mr Johnson, you weren’t DOA
That gives you enough points to pass a WCA
Oh, I didn’t realise you took so much cocaine
That probably didn’t help, in fact it might explain…
Mr Johnson

But nonsense, Mr Johnson, you look well
I’ve told the “bring out your dead” guy not to ring his bell
I know I cannot sanction you
So when I see you in the Commons, Mr Johnson
Just give me some money

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