Coronavirus news from the Netherlands, Germany

This 28 April 2020 video is called Coronavirus: Germany’s COVID-19 infection rate rises after lockdown lifted.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

In the asylum seekers centre of Sneek, the coronavirus was diagnosed among 22 residents. The health authority of Fryslân province thinks it will not stop at 22.

According to regional broadcaster Omrop Fryslân, almost 600 people live in the asylum seekers centre in Sneek.

German slaughterhouse near the Dutch border closes because of coronavirus contagion

A slaughterhouse in the German town of Coesfeld, about 30 kilometres from Winterswijk, is temporarily closed due to a particularly high number of coronavirus infections within the company. This has been announced by the Minister of Health of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Yesterday, the number of infected workers at the Westfleisch factory was 129. Thirteen of them were taken to hospital. … The infected people who are not in the hospital are quarantined, like the people they have had contact with.

Because the limit of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week has been exceeded in Coesfeld, the announced relaxations of coronavirus rules in the district have been postponed to May 18.

German government ends lockdown, putting hundreds of thousands of lives at risk. By Johannes Stern, 8 May 2020. Three weeks after the decision of the federal and state governments to gradually withdraw the restrictions imposed in March, the end of the lockdown in Germany has largely been completed.

From the World Socialist Web Site today:

Dutch primary school teachers oppose premature return to work

In a survey of 1,250 Dutch primary school teachers, a third expressed concern that primary schools are to reopen on May 11.

In the survey, carried out by the National Institute for Public Health and Environment, half of the teachers questioned agreed with a return to work but thought it too soon. Four percent said they would refuse to return to work.

The results of a study of contamination risk posed by COVID-19 to children and young people has yet to be published.

The number of strikes by teachers and health care workers in the Netherlands last year was at a 25-year high. Over 300,000 workers took part in 26 separate strikes. Around 90 percent of all those on strike in the Netherlands last year were teachers or care workers.

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