United States soldiers fight Iraqi demonstrators

Demonstrators outside the United States embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, EPA photo

This photo shows demonstrators outside the United States embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Outside the US embassy in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, clashes have occurred for the second day between US security personnel and Iraqi demonstrators … outside the heavily protected complex to vent their anger over Sunday’s US air raid

The US Americans bombarded the demonstrators with tear gas and grenades in the hope of dispersing the crowd. An unknown number of people became injured, the Iraqi state news agency INA reports.

Hundreds of demonstrators spent the night in front of the embassy complex after yesterday’s attempt to storm the building. …

Yesterday, US Secretary of Defense Esper announced that the US is sending another 750 soldiers to Iraq immediately. Together with the 5,000 US soldiers already present, they are needed to cope with “the heightened threat” in Iraq, says Esper.

So, the extra 750 United States soldiers sent by the US Donald Trump administration to Iraq in today’s report are a lot more than the ‘few dozen soldiers’ in yesterday’s NOS report.

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