Pakistani opposition to US mega-embassy plans

This video says about itself:

Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir criticizes President Obama for continuing unmanned drone attacks in Pakistan’s tribal areas, a policy started under the Bush administration. Mir claims that the drones have killed many women and children, but no top al-Qaeda or Taliban leaders.

Under George W. Bush, the United States government had the biggest embassy neo-colonial administration building in the world built in Baghdad, Iraq. It was built by slave labour. Also under George W. Bush, a new US embassy was built in Gabon; also involving lots of scandals.

How will things be under the new US administration?

From MSNBC in the USA:

U.S. embassy plan spurs frenzy in Pakistan

Rumors about influx of Marines, Guantanamo-style prison spark suspicion

Sept. 8, 2009

ISLAMABAD – America’s plans for a major expansion of its diplomatic presence in Pakistan, including the possible takeover of a bombed luxury hotel near the Taliban heartland, have heightened tensions and bred rumors in a population rife with anti-U.S. sentiment.

Among the tales being floated: that 1,000 U.S. Marines will land in the capital, that Americans will set up a Guantanamo-style prison and that the infamous security contractor once called Blackwater will come in and wreak havoc. …

Blackwater now calls itself Xe.

Pakistanis tend to view U.S. motives with suspicion, pointing to a history of American support for the country’s past military rulers and involvement in its internal affairs, which they say has stunted the economy and democratic aspirations. …

Rumors aside, the embassy does plan to reconstruct the buildings on its 38-acre compound and acquire an additional 18 acres, much of which will be used for apartments, embassy spokesman Richard Snelsire said.

About 1,450 employees work for the embassy: 1,000 Pakistanis, 250 Americans posted to the site and another 200 Americans on short-term assignments. The plan is to add around 400 people, including about 200 more posted U.S. staffers, Snelsire said.

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