Iraqis protest against Trump’s air raids

Iraqis protest against Trump's air raids, AFP photo

This photo shows Iraqis in Najaf city demonstrating against yesterday’s attacks by the United States air force on various places in Iraq.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The US American airstrikes last night … in the border region between Iraq and Syria have caused great indignation in countries in the region …

Both the most important Shiite cleric of Iraq, Ayatollah Sistani, and Prime Minister Mahdi condemned the action as an infringement of Iraqi sovereignty. The Iraqi Security Council also said it would reconsider, after a crisis meeting, whether the country would remain in the US-led coalition against terrorist group ISIS.

Officially, the US Trump administration wages wars in the Middle East ‘against ISIS‘. However, President Donald has revealed these wars are really only about oil. Yesterday’s bombings were against a Shia militia, aligned with the Iraqi government which had fought against ISIS.

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