Trump sends more US soldiers to Iraq

This 31 December 2019 video says about itself:

Hundreds of Iraqi protesters have tried to storm the US embassy in Baghdad following US airstrikes this week that killed 25 …

Shouting “Down, Down USA!” the crowd tried to push inside the embassy grounds, hurling water bottles and smashing security cameras outside.

The US military carried out the strikes on Sunday …

Tuesday’s attempted embassy storming took place after mourners held funerals … in a Baghdad neighbourhood, after which they marched on to the heavily fortified Green Zone and kept walking till they reached the embassy.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

US sends extra soldiers to attacked embassy in Baghdad

The US is sending extra soldiers to its embassy in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. An angry crowd attacked the building today, out of anger over US American airstrikes, killing 25 people on Sunday night. …

Some of them are said to have been broken through a security wall and penetrated the grounds of the embassy. The US denies that. …

The reinforcements that are being sent now probably involves a few dozen soldiers. …

The disturbances began today after a memorial meeting for the dead of the US American bombing. …

After the memorial meeting, they marched on to the Green Zone in Baghdad. The American embassy is also located in this highly secured district.

5 thoughts on “Trump sends more US soldiers to Iraq

  1. The attacks were also condemned by Iranian communists, who warned against the violation of both Iraqi and Syrian sovereignty.

    Tudeh Party international secretary Navid Shomali told the Star: “Inevitably, this provocative military action by the US acts to further destabilise conditions in the already highly volatile region and may well trigger further conflicts.

    “All supporters of peace and detente should call for an end to the militarisation of the region and further military actions.”

    Mr Shomali insisted that there could be no military solution to the crisis in the Middle East while a number of countries remain involved in “devastating proxy wars for domination and to further the influence of reactionary regimes including Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran.

    “We believe that every effort must be directed towards achieving a stable peace based on the political resolution of all existing conflicts, whether in Iraq, Syria or Yemen,” he said.


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