Terschelling plovers, plants and butterfly

Container ship, Terschelling 18 September 2019

After 17 September 2019 on Terschelling island came 18 September. That day, we went to the Boschplaat nature reserve; all the way to the island’s easternmost point. Like we had done in 2008, with a a cart and three horses. The photo, from the far eastern point of Terschelling, shows the strait between Terschelling and Ameland islands, with a big container ship on the horozon.

We had started our excursion in Hoorn village in the center of Terschelling. A male house sparrow flew inside our covered wagon before it started. Jackdaws flying. A collared dove on a chimney. The carter told that at his place, there were still six barn swallow nests with young birds. Rather late. Would they survive the autumn?

As our wagon approached Oosterend, the island’s easternmost village, a lapwing in a meadow. In Oosterend, two magpies flying.

On the Boschplaat, herring gulls on the trail.

At the strait between Terschelling and Ameland, rabbit droppings.

Amelandse Gat, Terschelling 18 September 2019

And this beautiful view.

Cockles and Atlantic jackknife clams on the beach.

Grass, Terschelling, 19 September 2019

The grass moving along with the North Sea ewaves.

Sea pink flowering.

A kestrel hovering.

Many lesser black-backed and herring gulls.

Butterfly, Terschelling, 18 September 2019

European searocket flowering. It attracted this small white butterfly.

Feather, Terschelling, 18 September 2019

Below a sand dune, this bird’s feather.

Searocket, Terschelling, 18 September 2019

More European searocket flowers.

On the back of our wagon is the Terschelling coat of arms.

Terschelling coat of arms

The Terschelling coat of arms shows a tree, with a lion to is left and a sea dragon to its right.

Wagon, Terschelling. 18 September 2019

On the photo, only the lion is visible.

Dunes, Terschelling, 18 September 2019

We rode back through the sand dunes and over the North Sea beach of Terschelling.

We rode back to Hoorn. On the beach, scores of sanderlings.

And ringed plovers. And an oystercatcher.

After arriving in Hoorn, to West-Terschelling village. A great spotted woodpecker calling.


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