Bathing meadow pipits, goslings of Terschelling island

This 29 January 2013 video is about a bittern at the then frozen Meisterplak lake on Terschelling island.

After 19 September 2019 on Terschelling came 20 September.

That day began for us with Gymnopus confluens fungi along the path to Doodemanskisten lake.

A collared dove on a West-Terschelling village street.

We arrived at Meisterplak lake. It looked very different from the winter 2013 video. Not only no bittern and no ice. The water level was very low. That is because there is work going on against the unwanted invasive water plant species New Zealand pigmyweed.

A white wagtail on the bank.

An Egyptian goose with two goslings. Late in the year.

Three teal.

Wild pansy flowering.

Meadow pipits, Terscheling, 20 September 2019

Two meadow pipits bathing together.

A grey heron.

Buzzard, 20 September 2019

A buzzard flies over the sand dunes behind the lake.

Stay tuned, as more blog posts on wildlife on Terschelling will follow!

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