Flowers and birds of Tilos, Greece

This is a 17 July 2014 video showing Tilos island in Greece from a passenger aircraft.

After 22 April 2019 came 23 April on Tilos.

We went by bus from Megalo Chorio to Livadia, the harbour village.

Near Eristos beach, a male golden oriole on his spring migration flying.

In Livadia we walked along the coastal boulevard, named after the late local leftist doctor and mayor Tasos Aliferis.

Protea, 23 April 2019 Protea, 23 April 2019

There were various Protea flowers, originally from South Africa.

Proteas, 23 April 2019

Some of these proteas grew in gardens, other, feral, ones on the upper part of the beach.

Proteas, on 23 April 2019

Searocket, 23 April 2019

Also autochthonous wild flowers on the beach: these European searocket flowers. Between tamarisk trees.

Searocket, on 23 April 2019

A yellow-legged gull flies over the sea.

Hooded crows and house sparrows on buildings.


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