United States General Motors strike news

This 18 September 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Fiat Chrysler workers support GM strike

WSWS Autoworker Newsletter reporters spoke to Fiat Chrysler workers in Warren, Michigan about the strike of 46,000 GM workers.

Striking GM autoworkers call for expansion of strike to Ford and Fiat Chrysler: here.

General Motors shuts off healthcare for striking autoworkers, begins to use scabs in attempt to break strike: here.

As GM tries to cut health benefits for workers on strike, Federal Reserve prepares more handouts to Wall Street: here.

Striking GM workers arrested in Spring Hill, Tennessee for blocking scab truck: here.

“We will not accept an increase in production”. GM workers in Mexico hold assembly to discuss strike in the United States: here.

The news of the strike of almost 50,000 General Motors (GM) workers in the US has spread like wildfire in German companies. Here, too, the signs point to a storm. Working conditions have changed dramatically in recent years. In the car factories and their suppliers, one rationalisation programme follows the next. Fixed jobs are replaced by temporary work, contract work and other low-wage jobs: here.

STRIKE: General Motors forces 49,000 auto workers onto the picket line: here.

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