Young toad, robins, fungi of Terschelling

This June 2014 video shows a small young natterjack toad being freed again in the wild in the Netherlands.

After 28 September 2019 on Terschelling island came 30 September for us.

A small young natterjack toad had managed to slip under our front door. We returned it to the sand dunes area.

In the gardens on both sides of the Parnassiaweg road in West-Terschelling village, robins sang, replying to each other.

In one of these gardens, sulphur tuft fungi.

This September 2015 video from Britain is about sulphur tuft mushrooms.

The next day, 30 September, we left Terschelling by boat. In the harbour, black-headed gulls and herring gulls.

Sanderlings, bar-tailed godwits, dunlin of Terschelling beach

Sanderling, on Terschelling, 28 September 2019

Still 28 September 2019 on the North Sea beach of Terschelling island. The most conspicuous birds there were sanderlings, like this one.

Sanderlings, on Terschelling, 28 September 2019

And like these ones.

Godwits and sanderling, Terschelling, 28 September 2019

The sanderlings were in the company of these two bar-tailed godwits.

Godwits, Terschelling 28 September 2019

Later, a dunlin passed them. That species is more common on the muddy Wadden Sea coast than on the sandy North Sea coast.

Godwits and dunlin, Terschelling, 28 September 2019

As we walked back from the beach, a small young natterjack toad crossed the footpath.

Fly agaric fungi and sanderlings of Terschelling

Fly agaric fungi, Terschelling 28 September 2019

After 27 September 2019 on Terschelling island came 28 September. As we walked again to the North Sea shore, we saw these fly agaric fungi.

A robin sang.

At a Kroonpolders shallow lake, ringed plovers on the opposite bank.

A chaffinch singing.

Beach, Terschelling 28 September 2019

We reached the beach, as this Lensbaby photo shows.

Scores of great cormorants flew past.

Sanderling, Terschelling 28 September 2019

There were sanderlings, like this one.

Sanderlings sleeping, Terschelling 28 September 2019

And these sleepy ones.

Sanderlings, Terschelling 28 September 2019

And these ones.

And black-headed gulls and herring gulls. Lesser black-backed gulls and a common gull. Two oystercatchers.

Stay tuned, there will be more on this blog about Terschelling birds and other wildlife that day!

Flowers, fungi, beach, birds of Terschelling island

European searocket, 27 September 2019

Still 27 September 2019 on Terschelling island. We reached the last sand dunes south of the North Sea coast. Where these European searocket flowers grew.

Sand, 27 September 2019

This photo and the next three are lensbaby photos.

On the beach, along the flood line: sanderlings. And two bar-tailed godwits.

Mud, 27 September 2019

Three Sandwich terns fly past.

Pole, 27 September 2019

On the beach, this pole commemorates a deceased nature lover.

Yellow flowers, 27 September 2019

We walked back; along these yellow flowers in the sand dunes.

Fly agaric fungi, 27 September 2019

Later, these fly agaric mushrooms.

Birds, young toad, mushrooms of Terschelling

Sand dunes, 27 September 2019

After 26 September 2019 on Terschelling island came 29 September. Again, to the sand dunes north of West-Terschelling village.

Sand dunes, on 27 September 2019

Amanita mushrooms. A still very small young natterjack toad crosses the footpath.

Eight carrion crows in the Groene Strand area. A curlew calls.

Rainbow, 27 September 2019

We saw the final row of sand dunes south of the North Sea coast. And a rainbow. The weather was very changeable between sunshine and showers.

Mushrooms, 27 September 2019

Along the footpath, these common stinkhorn mushrooms. Their smell attracted flies.

North Sea, 27 september 2019

We had almost reached the North Sea beach.

Stay tuned, as there will be more on that 27 September on this blog!

Terschelling fungi, moss, buzzard and merlin

This 2016 video from the USA is called 10 Fantastic Fungi Superpowers.

After 25 September 2019 on Terschelling island came 26 September.

A walk in the sand dunes north of West-Terschelling.

Fly agaric and other Amanita fungi.

Shaggy mane fungi. And blusher mushrooms.

At the horses’ meadow, five grey herons.

We walk back.

Moss, 26 September 2019

Later that day, these two lensbaby photos of wet moss.

Moss, on 26 September 2019

High above the moss, a buzzard and a merlin flying.

Terschelling island fungi and birds of prey

Mushroom, 25 September 2019

Still 25 September 2019 on Terschelling island. And still seeing lots of fungi, like this one.

Mushroom on 25 September 2019

Sulphur tufts, 25 September 2019

Next, sulphur tufts

Fungi, 25 September 2019

… and these neighbours of them.

Russula, 25 September 2019

This red russula mushroom.

Birch polypores.

Amanita, 25 September 2019

And Amanita fungi. Both this young one …

Amanita old ones, 25 September 2019

… and these two old ones.

Back at a sand dune valley near West-Terschelling: a hobby and a buzzard flying.

Fly agarics, other fungi, woodpecker of Terschelling island

Lichen, on 25 september 2019

After the first part of our woodland walk on Terschelling island, still 25 September 2019. Where this lichen grew. A young coniferous tree grew between it.

A great spotted woodpecker calling.

Still a few cross-leaved heath flowers. Penny bun fungi.

Shaggy mane fungi, 25 September 2019

A bit further we reached the Longway road. Along it, these young shaggy mane fungi.

Shaggy mane fungus, 25 September 2019

And one meter further, this one.

Fungi, 25 September 2019

Also, these fungi along a pine cone.

Then, off the Longway road, a sandy footpath to the north. Bovine bolete mushroms.

Fly agarics, 25 September 2019

Along it, these fly agaric mushrooms along still flowering common heather. And some no longer flowering crowberry plants (on the right of the photos, with leaves closer together than in common heather).

Fly agaric, 25 September 2019

Fly agaric, on 25 september 2019

Stay tuned, for more on Terschelling on 25 September 2019!

Fungi, birds, young toad of Terschelling island

Bovine boletes, 25 September 2019

After 24 September 2019 on Terschelling island came 25 September. It started with a robin singing. And with a walk in the woodland near West-Terschelling, where we saw these bovine bolete mushrooms.

Penny bun, 25 September 2019

One of many penny buns.

A blue tit. A jay calls.

Young natterjack toad

A young natterjack toad crawling through the moss. Still just about one centimetre in size, but already with a yellowish line on its back.

Pinwheel mushrooms, 25 September 2019

Then, small mushrooms. Probably pinwheel mushrooms.

Russula, 25 September 2019

A Russula fungus.

Lichen, 25 september 2019

Then, moss and lichen.

Stay tuned for more on 25 September on Terschelling!

Waders of Terschelling island

This spring 2015 video is about wader birds of Terschelling island.

After 23 September 2019 on Terschelling island came 24 September.

It started with a great spotted woodpecker early in the morning.

Near the harbour of West-Terschelling, a curlew calling.

On the mudflats south of the island: brent geese and shelducks.

On the mudflats a bit further east: two spoonbills. Oystercatchers.

Wigeons swimming. A golden plover.

A lapwing.

In Hoorn village, blackbirds in a garden. Many house sparrows.

Terschelling against drilling, 24 September 2019

On a window, a poster against corporations drilling for natural gas on Terschelling. The poster of the anti-drilling movement shows a woman in Terschelling regional dress.

Terschelling gasvrij

That poster is inspired by an older peace movement poster of a woman kicking out a nuclear missile.

Kruisraketten Nee