Butterfly, woodpeckers, little egret in China

Little egret, 6 April 2018

Still 6 April 2018. Still in the Han Shui river region in Shaanxi province in China; like in the previous blog post. Where this little egret flew.

We passed a crested ibis nest.

Crested ibis lamppost, 6 April 2018

There was a crested ibis sculpture on this solar panel powered lamppost.

In dense bamboo thickets, a rufous-faced warbler.

Village, 6 April 2018

We arrived at a village.

Village bench, 6 April 2018

The village bench attracted people who wanted to sit.

Butterfly, 6 April 2018

And the village yellow flowers attracted this butterfly.

A Japanese tit.

Grey-capped pygmy woodpeckers, 6 April 2017

In a woodland, this grey-capped pigmy woodpecker couple.

Grey-capped pygmy woodpecker female, 6 April 2017

Stay tuned: there will be more Chinese birds!

2 thoughts on “Butterfly, woodpeckers, little egret in China

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