Grey-capped greenfinch, crested kingfisher in China

Grey-capped greenfinch, 6 April 2018

Still 6 April 2018. Like in my earlier blog post, along the Hanshui river in Shaanxi province in China. Where we saw this grey-capped greenfinch.

Two barn swallows flying. A grey heron. A common pheasant.

Crested kingfisher, 6 April 2018

On a wire across the river, this crested kingfisher.

Crested ibis and little egret, 6 April 2018

A bit further, a little egret and a crested ibis. The ibis had caught a prey. The crested ibis has recovered from only 7 birds left to about 2,000-2,500 individuals.

Farm woman, 6 April 2018

We passed a farm couple sowing for spring.

A hoopoe flying.

Crested ibis, 6 April 2018

Then, this crested ibis in a tree.

A jay calls.

Black-throated tit, 6 April 2018

In a small tree at a village entrance, this small bird: a black-throated tit.

Black-throated tit, on 6 April 2018

Ornaments on village buildings.

Ornaments, 6 April 2018

Stay tuned, as there will be more about birds on 6 April 2018!

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