‘President Macron, stop your dangerous nuclear policy’

French President Macron‘s claims of being pro-environment are contradicted by his plans for an environmentally destructive gold mine in the colony French Guiana.

And that is just one point.

Translated from the Belgian Internet site Stop Tihange:

Doctors from Aachen [in Germany] sound the emergency bell

May 8, 2018

Dr. Odette Klepper
52064 Aachen

Open letter to Emmanuel Macron

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

On 10 May, French President Emmanuel Macron will receive the International Charlemagne Prize in Aachen.

A previous recipient of this prize was war criminal Tony Blair from Britain. Like some of the recipients of Nobel Peace Prizes, Blair and Macron do not deserve any awards.

The undeserving Nobel Peace Prize winners have acted directly against the principles which prize founder Alfred Nobel had established for the honour: helping to stop wars and abolish standing armies.

Emperor Charlemagne did not found the prize named after him; that came much later. Contrary to Alfred Nobel, Charlemagne had no objections at all against wars and standing armies. They were his means of forcibly uniting big parts of western Europe into an empire. So, though Blair and Macron don’t deserve any prizes, at least in their cases the purpose of the prize is not explicitly violated.

We want to use this opportunity to address the president on the nuclear threat to hundreds of thousands of inhabitants of the German-Belgian-Dutch border area: The desolate state of the Tihange 2 nuclear power stations just a few kilometers from the city of Aachen and Doel 3 near Antwerp.

Recently, the former chairman of the Atomic Commission Dr. Greg Jaczko called these power plants “two of the most dangerous power plants in the world” because of the many cracks in the steel casing of the reactor pressure vessel. And according to international experts an immediate closure of these power stations is necessary. We doctors support these demands and we are obliged to point out the immense health risks for the people in the border area and in the Scheldt river region due to a possible meltdown or even an error in the system.

The French state is one of the main shareholders of Engie whose wholly owned subsidiary Engie Electrabel manages the plants Tihange and Doel. We therefore sent an open letter to President Macron with the request to make a personal commitment to the elimination of worn out reactors. We hereby inform you about this letter with the request to include this in your news report.


Dr. med. Odette Klepper, Doctor Wilfried Duisberg

Dear Mr. President!

The French state is the largest shareholder of EDF and also directly of ENGIE, the operator of the two nuclear power plants.
You are the only person in Europe who has the power and the ability to free the people of Central Europe from this danger.
Please switch off the nuclear power stations Tihange 2 and Doel 3 as soon as possible!


Your doctors from the IPPNW Aachen

On 10 May 2018, when Macron will get the prize, people in Aachen will demonstrate against Macron’s nuclear policies at 10am.

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