Great crested flycatchers and owls in Florida, USA

This video from Florida in the USA says about itself:

Great Crested Flycatchers Calling – Close and Loud

23 April 2018

It’s Flycatcher time! A breeding pair of Great Crested Flycatchers are back looking for a nest box in the Backyard. These are loud outgoing birds – they are quiet and secretive all year until breeding time. Problem is Mother Screech Owl is running behind schedule, the flycatchers usually claim the empty owl nest box in April after the owls are done. The owls should be done in about a week so they may wait on her or they may take the flycatcher box I got for them on the house wall. But my experience has been they prefer the owl box, fortunately they have no sense of smell.

This video from Florida in the USA says about itself:

25 April 2018

The Great Crested Flycatchers are resorting to verbal harassment to try and get Mother Screech Owl out of the prime nest box housing so they can lay their eggs. Of course, Mother Owl is having none of it! There are other nest boxes available, but traditionally the Flycatchers have used this nest box, but momma owl is running behind schedule. I suspect like in some years past the flycatchers will wait a little longer until the owls leave and then claim this box.

This video from Florida in the USA says about itself:

4 May 2018

Male Eastern Screech Owl pulls a double shift working gathering food all night and guarding the nest box all day. They are surprisingly tolerant of annoying humans pointing cameras at them as they focus on more important things. Think of this as an owl meditation. The male is a bit smaller and has more dark feather highlights than the female. Very soon they will draw the only owlet out of the nest box and take cover in the dense woods then they can all relax!

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