Blair cancels warmongers’ party in London museum

Blair book signing, cartoon by Steve Bell

Another Blair cartoon is here.

From daily The Morning Star in London, England:

Blair cancels launch party

Wednesday 08 September 2010

by John Millington, Campaigns Reporter

Anti-war campaigners celebrated another victory on Wednesday after former prime minister Tony Blair cancelled a private party to promote his memoirs amid fears of huge protests.

As public anger over the new Labour architect’s public promotions work for A Journey grew Mr Blair was forced to postpone his party at the Tate Modern – the second such event he has had to cancel in the last 24 hours.

Mr Blair had also been due to sign books on Wednesday afternoon at Waterstones in central London, but the prospect of humiliating protests proved too much for the former PM who wanted to avoid the “hassle.”

Stop the War convener Lindsey German labelled Mr Blair’s decision “a big victory” for the anti war movement.

“It shows he is running scared. The people who say we should not protest are denying us the right to persist in asking questions about the war and denying the rights of Iraqis who are still suffering because of Blair‘s policies,” Ms German said.

Planned protests at the Tate had attracted a broad range of support from the public, anti-war campaigners and respected artists including Tracey Emin, Vivienne Westwood, Brian Eno, Katharine Hamnett and Kat Phillips.

The important victory for anti-war campaigners has boosted calls for immediate troop withdrawal, with coalition cuts likely to hit front-line military personnel as well as public services at home.

Speaking prior to a Stop the War Coalition public meeting in Parliament last night, Labour MP Paul Flynn said: “The majority of the public would like to see the troops home before Christmas, and Parliament is not reflecting that.

“The government and all the main politicians are in denial on this. They are divorced from reality.”

Families of troops in Afghanistan have written a public letter to all MPs urging them to withdraw all British military personnel from the country.

An extract from the letter states: “Wounded troops are not being given proper treatment. The casualty rate is going up on both sides and the war is unwinnable.

“If we stay in Afghanistan until 2015, as the government plans, hundreds more soldiers and thousands more civilians may die.”

To sign the letter, visit or call (020) 7801-2768.

Former Labour Cabinet minister Peter Hain claimed on Sunday that Nelson Mandela felt so betrayed by Tony Blair‘s decision to join the US-led invasion of Iraq that he launched a fiery tirade against him in a phone call.

13 thoughts on “Blair cancels warmongers’ party in London museum

  1. Blair ‘didn’t show respect for Wales’

    POLITICS: Shadow Welsh secretary Peter Hain has taken a swipe at Tony Blair — saying the former PM never gave Wales “proper respect.”

    In his memoirs, Mr Hain said a reshuffle reducing the Welsh Secretary post to a part-time Cabinet role was “a spectacular bodge.”

    The Neath MP, who made the claims in his book Outside In, argued that the 2003 shake-up appeared to have been “cobbled together at the last minute.”


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