Another French Macron minister resigns

This 20 July 2018 video from Paris, France says about itself:

Macron Aide Filmed Assaulting May Day Protesters

An aide to French President Emmanuel Macron is being investigated after he was named as the man in a video beating a demonstrator during France’s May Day protests.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Again, President Macron loses a minister

The French Minister of the Interior Gérard Collomb resigns. His departure does not come as a surprise. The confidant of President Macron offered his resignation for the second time in two days yesterday afternoon.

Initially, Macron refused the resignation, but on the second occasion, the president said he had no choice. Macron announced through a spokesman that he regretted Collomb’s choice.

Mayoral election

The reason for his departure is Collomb’s discontent. He was initially a confidant of Macron. But later he became dissatisfied about the president whom he described in the media as being too self-assured and immodest. The minister was also under attack because of his announcement that he would be taking part in the mayoral election in Lyon in 2020. The 71-year-old Collomb said in an interview last month that after the European elections in May 2019 he would resign from the government to campaign.

Critics say the timing of the announcement is inappropriate, now that there is a crisis of confidence within the police after the scandal about Macron’s bodyguard Alexandre Benalla.

Benalla, Macron’s Deputy Chief of Staff, and another Macron employee beat up May Day demonstrators while pretending to be policemen.

Collomb was responsible for the police as minister and had to testify about the issue before a parliamentary committee of inquiry. He refused to exculpate President Macron on it.


Who will be the new Minister of Home Affairs is not yet known. Macron has asked Prime Minister Philippe to compile a list of candidates.

Collomb is the sixth minister who leaves the cabinet. His most recent predecessors were Minister of the Environment Nicolas Hulot who quit in late August because he is disappointed about the government’s environmental ambitions, and the Minister of Sport Laura Flessel who left a week later.

Flessel, a former Olympic champion in fencing, followed former Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot in quitting the French government. According to opinion polls, the two ranked among Macron‘s most popular ministers, all while the president’s own popularity continues to hit new lows. … The environment post, meanwhile, was handed to National Assembly President Francois de Rugy, a former Green lawmaker who jumped ship to Macron’s Republic on the Move party last year. Known for his pragmatic approach to politics, de Rugy earned Macron’s trust by backing the president’s decision to delay the phasing out of nuclear energy in France: here.

French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb resigns in latest blow to Macron: here.

Since the resignation on October 3 of Interior Minister Gérard Collomb, one of the first supporters of Emmanuel Macron and his Republic on the March (LRM) party, the French government is on the verge of collapse. On Monday, top LRM officials announced the preparation of a major cabinet reshuffle, and even potentially the resignation of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, undermined by the government’s unpopularity: here.

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