Volkswagen, yet another toxic exhaust scandal

Audi headquarters, AFP photo

This AFP photo shows the headquarters of Audi cars company, part of Volkswagen corporation, in Germany. The slogan on the building says (translated): We are ahead of the others because of technique. However, it already turned out before that not all technique at Audi and at Volkswagen is honest, legal or good for the environment or for health.

And now, translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Audi stops selling A6 and A7 cars because of ‘abnormalities’ in their diesel software

Audi has shut down the production and delivery of A6 and A7 models after “abnormalities” in the software of diesel engines of 60,000 cars were detected. …

Der Spiegel weekly wrote earlier today about a threatening new diesel scandal at Audi. According to the German magazine it is “very likely” that the car corporation has once again committed fraud with the emission values ​​of diesel cars.


New cars from the A6 and A7 series are said to disable AdBlue, which reduces nitrogen dioxide emissions, while driving in order to reduce costs. As a result, the cars emit far more harmful substances than is permitted.

The German transport watchdog KBA and the Ministry of Transport have confirmed that they want to interrogate Audi employees because of the suspicion of an illegal ‘switch-off system’.

Since 2015, when stricter emission standards were introduced in Germany, more than 150,000 Audi cars have been recalled. That year the diesel scandal at parent company Volkswagen came to light. Audi also admitted having messed with so-called TDI engines.

See also here.

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