Volkswagen unsafe safety belts scandal

After the Volkswagen toxic exhaust scandal, now …

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Safety belt of Volkswagen Polo snaps loose in sharp bend

Today, 13:34

The left rear belt of the new Volkswagens Polo can come loose when the driver of the car makes a sharp turn at high speed.

A Finnish car magazine discovered during driving tests that the lock of the middle belt in such a maneuver presses the adjacent lock of the left belt. Then the belt snaps open.

The problem also applies to new models of the Seat cars Ibiza and Arona. In those cars there is the same system as in the Polo.

British media report that Volkswagen knows about the design error …

Volkswagen in the Netherlands does not respond to questions by the NOS. It is therefore not clear to what extent the problem also exists with the latest Polos that have been sold in the Netherlands since October 2017.

Volkswagen‘s head office in Wolfsburg, Germany, is unreachable. The RDW, which, among other things, controls the safety of cars, can not yet say anything about a possible recall.

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