Porsche cars dangerous for children

Porsche toy car

Cars of the PorscheVolkswagen corporation are dangerous; as their fraudulent software increases exhaust pollution, causing the deaths of bees, of humans and of much other life.

Now it turns out that not only Porsche big cars for adults, but also small Porsche cars for kids are dangerous. Even though these toy cars don’t have exhausts.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Porsche takes a wooden toy car off the market. Because the wheels and axles can come loose, the car is dangerous for children. If they put those parts in their mouths, they can suffocate.

It concerns the blue version with the article number WAP 0400 110G, which has been sold since July 2015.

The company advises people to keep the car out of the reach of children. The product can be returned to the Porsche dealer, who reimburses the purchase price.

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority has placed the warning on its website.

One might sarcastically wonder: have these life-threatening toy cars been tested on baby monkeys and baby humans, like their big car brothers’ toxic fumes were tested on adult monkeys and on adult humans?

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