Medics’, environmentalists’ anti-Volkswagen pollution action

Air pollution campaigners and medical professionals barricaded entrances to the Volkswagen building in Milton Keynes, England and set up a mock clinic offering health advice to staff and members of the public

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Monday, August 20, 2018

Medics and eco-activists blockade Volkswagen over diesel emissions

ENVIRONMENTAL campaigners blockaded Volkswagen‘s headquarters in Britain today to highlight diesel emissions causing “horrendous suffering” across the country.

Greenpeace activists and medical professionals barricaded entrances to the car manufacturer’s office in Milton Keynes from around 7am and set up a mock clinic offering health advice to staff.

More than 800 Volkswagen workers at the site, including those employed in roles such as marketing and distribution, were prevented from entering, the organisation said.

In September 2015, Volkswagen was found to have cheated in air pollution tests for 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide, including 1.2m in Britain.

The scandal has led to growing concerns over nitrogen oxide emissions and Greenpeace is demanding that the firm commits to stopping the production of diesel cars and switching to electric models.

Greenpeace clean air campaigner Mel Evans said: “As the UK’s biggest seller of diesel cars, Volkswagen is complicit in an air pollution crisis that’s filling up emergency departments and GP surgeries.

Volkswagen sold us a lie about diesel being clean. Its diesel addiction is seriously harming people’s health. Volkswagen won’t meet with us and won’t listen. So today we’ve brought the truth about diesel to its doorstep.

Volkswagen must face up to its responsibility for deadly air pollution and commit to end diesel production now.”

Dr Aarash Saleh, a specialist in respiratory medicine, was among a group of medical professionals at the protest.

He said: “Diesel pollution is causing horrendous suffering across the UK and storing up a lifetime of troubled health for our kids.

“If you could see it, diesel would be banned tomorrow.”

An estimated 40,000 premature deaths a year in Britain are caused by air pollution, which is linked to health problems such as childhood illnesses, heart disease and dementia.

A Volkswagen UK spokesman said: “Volkswagen is aware of a protest at its Blakelands premises this morning. The safety of our employees is our principal concern and so the matter is now being handled by the police.”

Last September, Greenpeace activists prevented a cargo ship carrying cars, including Volkswagen diesel models, from reaching the port of Sheerness in Kent.

Activists used boats to climb on board and hang from its 89ft-high unloading door.

Long term exposure to pollutants from vehicle exhaust is linked to a heightened risk of the common eye condition age-related macular degeneration, or AMD for short, suggests research published online in the Journal of Investigative Medicine: here.

VOLKSWAGEN APOLOGIZES FOR RACIST AD Volkswagen has pulled a racist ad from its Instagram page, saying in a public apology that it will investigate why it was released with so many offensive undertones. The 10-second clip for the German car company’s new Volkswagen Golf model features a giant, white hand poking and prodding a Black man. At the end of the short commercial, the hand violently flicks the man into the entrance of the Petit Colon cafe in Buenos Aires, according to the BBC. The cafe is next to the popular Teatro Colón, an opera house named after Christopher Columbus. The French term “Petit Colón” also translates to “Little Settler” or “Little Colonist,” giving the ad an air of colonialism. [HuffPost]

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  2. 2 augustus 2019 Volkswagen vernietigt 100.000 auto’s

    Het autoconcern moest in de VS een kleine 400.000 dieselauto’s terugkopen, omdat daarin met sjoemelsoftware werd verhuld dat de auto’s veel meer schadelijke stoffen uitstoten dan door VW opgegeven. De bedoeling was dat VW deze auto’s om zou bouwen zodat ze wel aan de richtlijnen voldoen, maar dat blijkt VW maar bij ongeveer 260.000 auto’s te hebben gedaan. Het concern heeft 102.000 auto’s laten slopen – omdat ze ombouwen te duur vond en bang was dat VW minder nieuwe auto’s zou verkopen – als er ineens 102.000 omgebouwde wagens op de markt zouden komen. Dat dit een enorme verspilling betekent neemt VW op de koop toe. In Europa hoeft het Duitse concern de auto’s niet terug te kopen, maar alleen een beperkte verandering in de werking van de motor aan te brengen en ook uitsluitend als de klant dat wil.


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