French Big Business financed ISIS terrorism

This video from France says about itself:

Lafarge investigation: Company accused of destroying evidence in terror financing probe

13 December 2017

Lafarge investigation: Company accused of destroying evidence in terror financing probe. FRANCE24’s Dorothée Kellou, who broke the story, tells us more on set.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

How a French construction corporation co-financed the terror of ISIS

Today, 06:42
Updated at 09:19

For years, ISIS was able to stand on its own feet in Syria and Iraq and finance terrorist attacks. In France, it is becoming increasingly clear how these cash flows could run. For example, construction corporation Lafarge paid bribes to the terror organization between 2011 and 2015. In total, 13 million euros were paid to ISIS and other terrorist groups, according to leaked documents.

Lafarge paid that money because it wanted to keep its cement factory in the vicinity of Raqqa open. In 2013 that region was in the hands of ISIS. There were roadblocks everywhere and the fuel supply was also in the hands of the terrorists and their confidants.

“The company therefore decided to pay ISIS, to buy fuel, to run the factory and to ensure that their trucks were allowed to pass the checkpoints”, says lawyer Marie Dosé, who represents 11 former employees of the plant and the NGO Sherpa, which collected testimonies.

Who knew about it?

The French judiciary is investigating and has now officially indicted six Lafarge bosses. The suspicion is financing a terrorist organization.

Lafarge had an internal investigation conducted and the conclusions were harsh. “Payments were made to an intermediary in Syria who had to distribute that money over armed groups, in particular ISIS from November 2013 on.” …

Research journalist Dorothée Myriam Kellou, who came first in 2016 with the revelations in Le Monde:

“From the mail traffic of Lafarge that I have been able to see, it appears that the head of security of the company in Paris was in daily contact with management in the factory in Syria, so you can assume that the person was aware of the payments.” …

Kellou also spoke confidentially with a French diplomat. “He told me that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also knew what was going on, but they put their heads in the sand.” …

In France, the bribes by the construction company have become a major scandal. If only because ISIS was behind most of the attacks in France in recent years. “Who knows, the millions of Lafarge have helped an organization like ISIS to finance the attacks in Paris“, says lawyer Marie Dosé to the NOS.

Perpetrator of Carcassonne and Trèbes terrorist attacks known to French intelligence agencies: here.

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