Big Business-ISIS collusion in Syria

This 28 November 2016 video is called French company Lafarge sued for financing ISIS and complicity in war crimes in Syria.

Another video used to say about itself:

2 March 2017

PARIS – Cement maker LafargeHolcim admitted on Thursday it had resorted to “unacceptable practices” to continue operations at one of its factories in Syria.

The admission comes after sources close to the case said in January that the French government had filed a legal complaint against Lafarge for buying oil in Syria to power the now-closed Jalabiya factory, in violation of sanctions. …

The complaint, which was filed in late September 2016, follows a report in French daily Le Monde saying Lafarge entered into deals with armed groups in Syria, including the Islamic State [ISIS] group, to protect its business interests there, the sources said.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

France: Cement firm admits dodgy deals in Syria

Friday 3rd March 2017

FRENCH-SWISS cement giant LafargeHolcim admitted yesterday its Syrian operation made “unacceptable” deals with armed extremists.

The group said in a statement that an internal investigation had established that Lafarge’s local branch in Syria provided funds to armed groups in 2013 and 2014 to guarantee safe passage for company employees and supply the plant it operated.

French authorities launched a probe into the world’s largest cement maker last year after the Finance Ministry filed a complaint.

French NGO Sherpa also accused Lafarge of financing terrorism and having commercial relations with Isis.

The company said its local subsidiary had paid “third parties” to make deals with a number of armed groups, including some “targeted by sanctions.”

But it claimed its investigation could not establish “with certainty” which groups ultimately received the funds.

“In hindsight, the measures taken in order to continue the plant’s activity were unacceptable,” it said.

6 thoughts on “Big Business-ISIS collusion in Syria

  1. Tuesday 25th
    posted by Morning Star in World

    CEMENT giant LafargeHolcim chief executive Eric Olsen announced his resignation yesterday over payments to Isis and other extremists in Syria.

    “My decision is driven by my conviction that it will contribute to addressing strong tensions that have recently arisen around the Syria case,” he said.

    LafargeHolcim said its board had mandated Mr Olsen and his team to “implement remedial measures” before he leaves on July 15.

    A probe earlier this year confirmed that the world’s biggest cement maker had paid extremist groups to allow it to continue operations at its plant in Aleppo province.

    The firm has refused to specify the “local armed groups” it funded, other than to say “sanctioned” forces were involved.

    But French NGO Sherpa has filed a complaint accusing the company of doing business with Isis.

    The United Nations has declared Isis and the al-Qaida-affiliated Nusra Front — now rebranded as Hetesh — terrorist organisations that are to be excluded from any ceasefire.

    The Swiss-based firm said an internal investigation had found Mr Olsen was responsible for or aware of any wrongdoing linked to its now-discontinued Syria operations.

    LafargeHolcim claimed it was only trying to salvage a plant that cost some £530 million to build over three years and “was one of the only sources of meaningful employment for the surrounding communities.”

    The bribes to rebels were paid by France’s Lafarge before it merged with Switzerland’s Holcim in 2015.

    After international staff were pulled out in 2012, the plant was fully evacuated and stopped operating in September 2014.


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