French corporate complicity in terrorism in Syria

This video from France says about itself:

Syria cement firm scandal: “Yes, they did give money to terrorists”

3 March 2017

The LafargeHolcim company, the world’s biggest cement producer, is in the centre of a huge scandal: the firm is accused of financing rebel groups in war-torn Syria, to maintain business running in the country. Crisotech founder Louis Bernard tells us more on this scandal.

After British and Dutch governmental and non-governmental complicity with terrorism in Syria, and after French governmental complicity, now French non-governmental complicity.

From Prensa Latina news agency:

Lafarge Former President Accused of Being Involved in Syria Case

Paris, Dec 9

French justice blamed the former president of the French company Lafarge (now linked to the Swiss Holcim) Bruno Lafont for the delivery of money made by the company to terrorist groups in Syria, judicial sources reported today.

The ex-director was accused of financing a terrorist organisation and therefore will have to appear to the courts, while he managed to go out on bail and with judicial control, waiting for the trial.

Along with Lafont was also charged the former deputy director of operations, Christian Herrault, so that there are already six former directors of that company accused in the case.

In June, the Paris Prosecutor’s Office opened a judicial investigation into the matter, because according to the information revealed, the company delivered large sums of money to terrorist groups to keep a cement factory running in the city of Jalabiya, located 150 kilometers northeast of Aleppo.

At that time the factory belonged to the French group Lafarge, which later merged with the Swiss company Holcim.

Although the company indicated that during the investigations they could not define which groups are included in the deals, the newspaper Le Monde revealed that the Islamic State [ISIS] benefited.

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