Dutch Panama Papers perjury scandal

This video says about itself:

Corruption in Ukraine: Drifting Offshore

16 April 2016

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is facing a crisis of confidence after his name appeared in the Panama Papers leak and the country’s prime minister, with whom he clashed, stepped down.

Poroshenko rose to power on an anti-corruption platform following the 2014 Euromaidan revolution, but many of his supporters are disappointed in the slow pace of reforms and an apparent unwillingness to crack down on corrupt officials. A confectionery magnate before becoming a politician, Poroshenko promised to sell his candy business during his election campaign to avoid a conflict of interest. But he has yet to do so, and this failure became headline news when the Panama Papers indicated that he had set up an offshore holding company to shield his assets from taxation.

VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky went to Kiev to witness the embattled president push through a new fragile government, as allegations swirled around his offshore holdings.

Poroshenko is not just a ‘confectionery magnate’, but a weapons magnate as well. That means he has a financial interest in war, like United States President Donald Trump has. War in eastern Ukraine in Poroshenko’s case; in Syria in Trump‘s case.

A poll in the Netherlands considered Poroshenko the world’s most corrupt politician.

Now, talking about the Netherlands, another one of the many sides of the Panama Papers scandal.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Possibly perjury at Panama Papers interrogation

Today, 08:00

A witness for the Parliamentary Interrogation Committee on Tax Structures has possibly lied while under oath. It is about Guus Poelen, CEO of the Amsterdam trust and advisory office Infintax. He had to answer himself on the last day of the parliamentary hearing.

Poelen denied that his corporation was the permanent partner of Mossack Fonseca, the Panamese office that made tax evasion and fraud widely available to mafia bosses, arms dealers and dictators. However, Trouw daily and Financieel Dagblad daily during Panama Papers research found a signed cooperation agreement between the two companies. This shows that Infintax is the Dutch partner of Mossack Fonseca since August 2014.

Poelen also explained to the committee that he was barely involved in the cooperation with Mossack Fonseca. It would mainly have been through his former business partner Michael van Beest. But the name of Poelen occurs more than 600 times in the Panama Papers, including in emails and founding acts for legal persons. …

The maximum punishment for perjury is six years imprisonment.

However, will Mr Poelen be considered ‘too big to jail‘?

A car bomb has killed a Malta journalist pivotal in the Panama Papers.

1 thought on “Dutch Panama Papers perjury scandal

  1. Tuesday 11th July 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    AN official inquiry into corruption allegations against Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family revealed yesterday that there is a “significant disparity” between their declared wealth and known sources of income.

    Mr Sharif has faced corruption allegations since coming to power in 2013 and previously denied allegations of abusing his authority to enrich himself.

    However, he has been under pressure since documents leaked last year from a Panama-based law firm disclosed that his family had offshore accounts.

    They have appeared before a team appointed by the Supreme Court to investigate their offshore companies.

    “There exists a significant disparity between the wealth declared by the respondents and the means through which the respondents had generated income from known or declared sources,” the report says.

    It also refers to the “irregular movement” of cash gifts and loans from companies based in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Britain to Mr Sharif, his son and companies linked to them.



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