Rich corrupt Ukrainian politicians, poor Ukrainian people

This video about Ukraine says about itself:

President Poroshenko’s Secret Offshore Deals Revealed

3 April 2016

There’s no ‘blind trust’. President Poroshenko lied about his business assets, a tax evasion scheme is involved.

Hromadske’s investigative unit Slidstvo.Info publishes a groundbreaking story revealing the truth behind the business empire of the Ukrainian president. The report is part of the OCCRP-led international effort of exposing corruption that has ties to twelve current and former heads of states.

Translated from David Jan Godfroid, Dutch NOS TV correspondent in Ukraine:

Politicians in Ukraine fond of Rolex and Cartier

Today, 11:44

They have expensive watches, antique cars, real estate and lots of cash. Powerful people in Ukraine are not badly endowed, according to a list of assets of politicians and officials, which has been made public.

One of the most notable persons on the list is the mayor of Dnipro (formerly Dnipropetrovsk), Boris Filatov. He reports that he seven years ago bought a ticket for a space flight. Price: 1.3 million euros. …

Incidentally, hundreds of judges have resigned, according to the Anti-Corruption Action Center. They apparently had little need for all and sundry poking around in their finances.


The powerful people in the country like expensive watches. Filatov has a collection that average Ukrainians will never get saved up in their lives: Breguet, Cartier, Officine Panerai, Audemars Piguet and Atmos.

The head of the tax office, Roman Nasirov, may call himself the owner of several Rolexes and Breguets and his wife also has a decent collection. Prime Minister Volodimir Groisman has twelve pricey watches.


Also many men (and some women) do not lack cash. Premier Groisman and his wife have 1.6 million euros in an old sock, tax boss Nasirov half a million under his mattress. …

Special attention was given to President Poroshenko, widely regarded as one of the richest men in Ukraine. He has waited a long time with his statement. And guess what? The president owns as many as 104 companies, not only in Ukraine, but in many places in the world, including in the Netherlands and hostile Russia.

Some of Poroshenko’s businesses in Ukraine are weapons corporations, meaning that Poroshenko has a material interest in the war in eastern Ukraine not stopping. One wonders whether among Poroshenko’s companies in Russia there are weapons producing ones as well.


The list is very long. The authorities of Ukraine own apartments, land, Japanese dolls, Fabergé eggs, expensive clothes and paintings. Their salaries cannot possibly pay that. MPs earn between 1,000 and 1,500 euros per month and ministers frequently come not far above 1,000 euros.

Many of them own (shares of) corporations. And though of course it cannot be concluded that every Ukrainian in authority is corrupt, the opulence without doubt is partly due to corruption.


The average Ukrainian will be amazed at all that luxury and all that money. In a country where the minimum wage is about 55 euros per month, but few people can afford more than their daily bread.

Whether the list will lead to what is was intended for, limiting corruption, remains to be seen.

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