‘Stop Ukrainian government’s anti-Polish racism’

This video from Poland says about itself:

Most monstrous yet forgotten genocide in the history of Europe – Wołyń 1943-2016 – UPA Ukrainians

11 July 2016

Animated movie about the UPA genocide was made by Arkadiusz Olszewski and was used with his approval.

Watch the entire movie “Genocide” with english substitles here.

By Ben Chacko:

Ukraine: Persecuted Poles hold road block protest

Friday 31st march 2017

Kiev government accused of ongoing racism

ETHNIC Poles blocked the international Lviv-Warsaw motorway in Ukraine on Wednesday night in protest against the Kiev government’s anti-Polish racism.

The action followed the firing of an anti-tank rocket at the Polish consulate in Lutsk, which campaigners say is part of a pattern of aggression against people of Polish, Belorussian and Russian descent in Ukraine since the nationalist coup of 2014.

Demonstrators carried placards reading: “This is Our Land,” “Do Not Touch Our Monuments” and “Volyn in our hearts.”

The last is a reference to the Volyn Slaughter of 1943-44, when the nazi-allied Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) massacred over 100,000 Poles in an ethnic cleansing operation.

Since the EU and US-supported putsch of February 2014, Ukraine’s authorities have presented the UPA as freedom fighters against the Soviet Union and glorified Stepan Bandera, the chief of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists of which the UPA was the military wing.

Monuments to the victims of the UPA terror have been desecrated alongside those honouring Red Army soldiers and anti-fascist partisans of the second world war.

Protesters built a barricade of tyres and set it alight, blocking all lanes of the motorway and causing a traffic jam stretching for miles.

Clashes between protesters and security forces were reported, though it is not clear if there were injuries. Activist Taras Kmet called on Poland to “pay attention to how we are humiliated here, how our rights are violated.

“Our government agencies are being shot at. Soon we too will be shot,” he declared, warning of increasing violence against ethnic minorities with the tacit approval of the government.

Mikhail Kononovich, a representative of the local Belorussian community, said Kiev was guilty of “systematic persecutions, physical and moral terror” against Poles, Belorussians and Russians.

He said his community had sent an appeal to “international human rights organisations and the embassies of Belarus, the United States, Russia, Canada and the embassies of the European Union countries” calling for the world to recognise the “grave violations of the rights of national minorities in modern Ukraine.”

Poland demands Ukraine recognises Volhynia massacre as a genocide: here.


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