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  2. Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:18 pm (PST) . Posted by:


    GOP chairman won’t request Trump’s tax returns from Treasury

    House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) on Monday said he would not request President Trump’s tax returns from the Treasury secretary, as a Democratic committee member had urged.

    “My belief is that if Congress begins to use its powers to rummage around in the tax returns of a president, what prevents Congress from doing the same to average Americans,” Brady said. “Privacy and civil liberties are still important rights in this country, and [the] Ways and Means Committee is not going to start to weaken that.”

    Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) sent Brady a letter earlier this month asking him to take advantage of a provision in the federal tax code and request Trump’s tax returns from Treasury so that the Ways and Means Committee could review them in a closed session and consider whether they should be made public. Under federal tax law, the chairmen of the Ways and Means Committee, the Senate Finance Committee and the Joint Committee on Taxation can make such a request. The Hill’s Naomi Jagoda reports:



  3. The record of Andy Puzder, Donald Trump’s pick for Labor Secretary, is so terrible when it comes to protecting the interests of U.S. workers, it’s no wonder that some have referred to him as the Anti-Labor Secretary nominee.

    Puzder is CEO of the company that owns Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s; more than half of the chains’ restaurants have been cited with wage and hour violations by the very department he would oversee. And that’s not all — a recent survey of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s employees found widespread reports of sexual harassment sustained on the job.

    That’s why Our Revolution members are joining with Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Keith Ellison in sending a message to Capitol Hill: workers deserve better than Puzder.

    Sign our petition calling on the U.S. Senate to reject Andy Puzder, Trump’s anti-worker nominee for Secretary of Labor. We’ll deliver your message to Capitol Hill during our rally on Thursday.

    Puzder has been a vocal critic of some of the most fundamental battles for workers’ rights today including raising the minimum wage, paid sick leave, the expansion of overtime pay, and the Affordable Care Act.

    The CEO of Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s restaurants once described the employees at his chains as the “best of the worst” and says he wants to use automation robots instead of workers.

    By confirming Andy Puzder, the U.S. Senate would endorsing Puzder’s agenda of rolling back wages and workplace rights for employees. If you believe workers deserve a living wage and that big money has no place in politics, this is your chance to make your voice heard and impact the future of our labor system.

    We need a Labor Secretary who will put the American people ahead of corporate profits. Sign our petition opposing Andy Puzder and we’ll deliver your message to Capitol Hill.

    Thank you for standing with us, and with the millions of American workers that would be negatively impacted by Puzder’s nomination.

    In solidarity,

    Larry Cohen
    Board Chair
    Our Revolution


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