Stop Trump’s deportation raids, petition

This video from the USA says about itself:

ICE Raids Speed into Overdrive: Advocates Say Obama’s Deportations Reaching “100 MPH” Under Trump

10 February 2017

We are joined from Phoenix by Aarón Rayos, the husband of a mother of two U.S.-born children who is at the center of an immigration fight in Arizona and has been deported to Mexico. Guadalupe García de Rayos was arrested and detained Wednesday during a routine check-in with immigration officials. She had been living in the United States for the past 21 years, but had been arrested in 2008 during a raid on a water park in Maricopa County and convicted of a felony for using forged documents in order to get a job. Advocates say her arrest signals a clear shift by the Trump administration to deport people considered a “low priority” for removal under President Obama. We also speak with Francisca Porchas, organizing director of Puente Arizona.

From Our Revolution in the USA today:

Donald Trump’s attack on immigrants has taken a frightening turn. I’m writing you from Phoenix, one of the dozens of cities under attack from Trump’s Gestapo-style raids targeting immigrant families.

Since Wednesday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers have detained and deported hundreds of undocumented Americans, including the parents of U.S. citizen children. There have even been reports of ICE agents following Latino children home from school in hopes of arresting undocumented parents and demanding documents from citizens and immigrants alike.

These raids targeting people based on where they live and the color of their skin have already happened at homes, stores and workplaces in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, New York, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia. Will you help stop the attacks on immigrant families? Sign up now to let us know we can count on you to protect victims of ICE raids in your community.

Donald Trump claims that millions of “criminal” immigrants live among us — but this is a lie, designed to give him cover for his racist plan. The immigrants Trump is targeting aren’t “rapists” or “bringing drugs” — they are people like my friend Lupita, who was separated from her citizen children this week after living in Arizona for 20 years.

Families and communities across America are being torn apart by Trump’s xenophobic raids. This is not who we are. The raids must stop.

I am a proud and unafraid Dreamer, an undocumented immigrant who came here as a child. Through my years working with the immigrant rights’ community, I know first-hand that we build power through organizing. Through that power we have been able to reunite thousands of immigrant families. We have the power to stop these unjust deportations — but we must act fast and take action locally.

If you marched for women’s rights in January and let Donald Trump know that “immigrants are welcome here”, your voice voice is needed once again. Demand decency and justice for the undocumented community. Sign up to if you’re willing to take action locally to protect immigrant families and stop the raids.

In solidarity,

Erika Andiola
Our Revolution

SIGN UP to stand with immigrant families in your community.

P.S.: Want to do more? Please download and share this critical “know your rights” infographics from our friends at United We Dream.

Demonstrations in the US continued over the weekend against last week’s mass roundup of immigrants, the first “surge” in deportations since President Donald Trump signed a January 25 executive order dramatically expanding the purview of anti-immigrant police actions. An annual march for civil rights in Raleigh, North Carolina, held Saturday, drew a record crowd of over 20,000. The turnout was fueled by opposition to Trump’s brutal policies against both Hispanic and Muslim immigrants: here.

ICE AGENTS REPORTEDLY ARREST FIRST DACA-RECIPIENT “The man’s lawyers say this could be the first time under U.S. President Donald Trump that a person covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, has been taken into immigration custody. ” [HuffPost]

ICE Reportedly Detained A Domestic Violence Victim Who Sought Court Protection. The arrest could discourage other undocumented immigrants from reporting abuse: here.

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