United States Trump administration news

This video from the USA says about itself:

Trump’s Labor Pick Puzder Loses Some Republican Support as Confirmation Hearing Approaches

14 February 2017

Andrew Puzder would promote the anti-minimum wage and anti-workers protection agenda of the National Restaurant Association if confirmed as Labor Secretary, says Teofilo Reyes of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United.

ANDREW PUZDER WITHDRAWS AS NOMINEE FOR LABOR SECRETARY The chief executive of CKE Restaurants, which owns Hardee’s, withdrew his nomination after seven Republican senators refused to back him. He is the 13th Cabinet pick in history to withdraw his nomination. [HuffPost]

This video from the USA says about itself:

Trump’s Immigration Order Sets Barriers on Fighting Deportation at the Local Level

15 February 2017

Erika Andiola says citizens can help protect undocumented communities by pushing elected officials to their states and cities to declare sanctuary status.

IMMIGRATION ENFORCERS: ‘WE CAN DO OUR JOBS AGAIN’ Border Patrol and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents say they’ve been unleashed under Trump. ICE has confirmed their arrest of a “DREAM-er” and the detention of a woman in El Paso shortly after she sought court-ordered protection from domestic violence. And this mother facing deportation has taken refuge in a Denver church. [HuffPost]

Kellyanne Conway is no longer welcome on “Morning Joe.”

7 thoughts on “United States Trump administration news

  1. With his confirmation hearing set for tomorrow, massive public pressure growing, and tough questions expected, fast food CEO Andy Puzder has withdrawn his nomination to be the next Secretary of Labor, Fox News and others are reporting.

    Puzder out!

    Puzder’s track record at the chain he ran included wage theft violations and rampant sexual harassment. He was an outspoken opponent of the minimum wage. He said he wanted to replace his own employees with robots. He even insulted front-line fast food workers as “toothless”… while failing to provide dental benefits.

    And now he’s out — congratulations!

    This only happened because people like you spoke out and gave Congress the strength to say No. Hundreds of Working Washington supporters suggested tough questions for Senators to ask at Puzder’s hearing. Thousands urged members of Congress to come out in opposition. Multiply that in the other 49 states across the country and the writing was on the wall.

    So Puzder bailed.

    Today let’s celebrate this victory for workers across the country.

    Then let’s get ready for the next fight.

    By contributing to our statewide workers movement, you can do both.

    Wow — this is a big one!

    In hopes the tide is turning,

    Sage, Working Washington


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