‘7% of Australian Catholic priests are child abusers’

This video says about itself:

6 February 2017

Seven percent of priests in Australia’s Catholic Church were accused of sexually abusing children between 1950-2010. Journalist Karen Middleton brings more details.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Seven percent of priests in Australia is said to have committed sexual abuse of children between 1950 and 2015. It was already known that child abuse within the Roman Catholic Church occurred in Australia, but not on what scale.

A study by the Australian government further states that the age of the victims was an average of 10 years for girls and for boys 11 years.

The inquiry has the numbers only of documented cases. It involves allegations of sexual abuse. It is assumed that several allegations have been covered up.

Between 1980 and 2015, 4444 Australians reported sexual abuse. The reports came from across the country. In some regions, more than 40 percent of the priests have been accused of child abuse.

USA: An all-boys Catholic school in New Jersey run by monks has acknowledged decades of institutional sexual abuse.

20 thoughts on “‘7% of Australian Catholic priests are child abusers’

  1. I feel so sad – for all the poor souls, destroyed by sexual violence done by by “shepherds” – they should be at least shepherds – but they are wolves in sheep´s clothes. As I experienced, Kitty, some People “steal” all the informations about These informations – and not for good Intention! Therefore I don´t dare to blog These precious wealth unto my Blogs – double sorror! Love: Annamaria


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