Massive child abuse in Australia

This 15 December 2017 video says about itself:

Australia: Child abuse report criticises Catholic church

A five-year inquiry into the sexual abuse of children in Australia has called for sweeping changes to be made. These included recommending an end to mandatory celibacy in the Catholic Church. The Australian Royal Commission estimates tens of thousands of children have been abused in Australian institutions over the last 90 years.

Al Jazeera’s Victoria Gatenby reports.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The Australian government has apologized for the sexual abuse of children that has taken place on a large scale in the country. A research committee found a cesspool in December: tens of thousands of children, mostly in the vicinity of churches, were abused for decades. …

The committee investigated the abuse for five years. Sixty percent of the abuse took place in the Roman Catholic Church.

According to Wikipedia, 22.6% of people in Australia are Roman Catholic.

4 thoughts on “Massive child abuse in Australia

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