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  2. Wednesday 30th November 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    Corruption-mired president tries to quit on her own terms

    South Korea’s president pre-empted her looming impeachment yesterday, pledging to step down under certain limited conditions.

    In a televised speech, President Park Geun Hye apologised to the nation for the “concern” caused by her “negligence.”

    “I will leave the matters about my fate, including the shortening of my presidential term, to be decided by the national assembly,” she said.

    “If the ruling and opposition parties discuss and come up with a plan to reduce the confusion in state affairs and ensure a safe transfer of governments, I will step down from the presidential position under that schedule and by processes stated in law.”

    The “shortening” comment was crucial since such a move would require a constitutional change before Ms Park’s single term of office ends in early 2018.

    The president refused to accept responsibility for the scandal involving her indicted confidante Choi Soon Sil, daughter of the late cult leader Choi Tae Min, dubbed the “Korean Rasputin.”

    Ms Choi allegedly had a say in policy decisions, wrote Ms Park’s speeches and used her connections to bully corporations into paying some £55 million to her own chain of businesses and foundations.

    “Not for one moment did I pursue my private gains and I have so far lived without ever harbouring the smallest selfish motive,” Ms Park claimed.

    She even appeared to blame her underlings, saying: “The problems that have emerged are from projects that I thought were serving the public interest and benefiting the country.

    “But since I failed to properly manage those around me, (what happened) is my large wrongdoing.”

    Ms Park’s right-wing Saenuri party lost its majority in the single-chamber national assembly in April’s elections but it could still block an impeachment vote that needs a two-thirds majority.

    Opposition parties had planned to put the impeachment motion to a vote on Friday, but it could be moved to December 9 to allow them to fine-tune their strategy.

    The largest of them, the Minjoo (Democratic) Party, said it would not let Ms Park’s “ploy to avoid impeachment” derail the vote to oust her.

    While Ms Choi and two government officials have already been charged, Ms Park is shielded by her presidential immunity.



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